Saturday, October 01, 2016

Chelsea Clinton Goes After 'Marijuna Causes Death' Vote Facebook Blocked

Chelsea Clinton revs up the Hillary War On Drugs . In the 1990s the Clintons were fanatically anti-drug as Nixon was in the 60s and 70s Now Reefer Madness has returned as if the film were based upon scientific facts and not just right wing insanity and fear mongering.
IE: If you use Reefer /Weed you might become a Commie or a mass murderer or rapist or even Gay. This is where American politics is at it has not changed since the 1950s.

 The Clintons are taking a few pages from The Nixon administration 's War on Drugs which leads to over-policing and Mass Incarceration especially on Blacks, Hispanics and poor whites.

The War on Drugs is big business for Prisons and police and private mercenary security and it protects Big Pharma and the alcohol industry. "Published on 30 Sep 2016 Proving how out-of-touch the Hillary Clinton campaign is, Clinton surrogate and daughter Chelsea Clinton said that marijuana causes death.

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