Monday, October 31, 2016

Hillary Discussing Rigging Election In Leaked Audio Via TYTNetwork

Donna Brazile EXPOSED For Leaking More Questions To Hillary Clinton

Putin & Comey on same side? Russia accused of almost any scandal behind ...

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Bill Clinton Throws Bernie Sanders Under Bus to Defend Hillary Clinton: Humanist Report

Published on 10 Oct 2016-The Humanist Report

 Bill Clinton was greeted by a heckler while stumping for Hillary Clinton, and his response was to throw Bernie Sanders under a bus in order to defend his wife.
This is not too smart of an idea if you're trying to attract Bernie Sanders' supporters, all of which his wife shunned during the primary.



Saturday, October 01, 2016

Congress Overrides Obama’s Veto To Sue Saudi Arabia By Ring of Fire

"Published on 30 Sep 2016 Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder discuss how for the first time in his two terms, President Obama’s 9/11 Bill veto to sue Saudi Arabia over the deaths of terror victims was overridden by Congress.

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Chelsea Clinton Goes After 'Marijuna Causes Death' Vote Facebook Blocked

Chelsea Clinton revs up the Hillary War On Drugs . In the 1990s the Clintons were fanatically anti-drug as Nixon was in the 60s and 70s Now Reefer Madness has returned as if the film were based upon scientific facts and not just right wing insanity and fear mongering.
IE: If you use Reefer /Weed you might become a Commie or a mass murderer or rapist or even Gay. This is where American politics is at it has not changed since the 1950s.

 The Clintons are taking a few pages from The Nixon administration 's War on Drugs which leads to over-policing and Mass Incarceration especially on Blacks, Hispanics and poor whites.

The War on Drugs is big business for Prisons and police and private mercenary security and it protects Big Pharma and the alcohol industry. "Published on 30 Sep 2016 Proving how out-of-touch the Hillary Clinton campaign is, Clinton surrogate and daughter Chelsea Clinton said that marijuana causes death.

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Blocked By Facebook: CLINTON LEAKS: Hillary Clinton Insulted Black Lives Matter Before Insult...

Facebook Censors content: FBI Director James Comey Shamelessly Makes Up Excuses For Hillary Clinton

Another video from The Humanist Report which Facebook refused to post on my timeline. Dir. James Comey of the FBI claims not to be in the tank for Hillary Clinton and then proceeds to make up bogus excuses for why he did not indict Hillary Clinton. Is the FBI bought by Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

One wonders what they promised Comey as a reward for shielding her or what threats they made to secure his public support .

 "...Published on 30 Sep 2016 FBI Director James Comey went before the House Judiciary Committee to discuss the Hillary Clinton email investigation after new evidence emerged which suggested Hillary Clinton's IT specialist, Paul Combetta (under the "Stonetear" moniker), sought advice on Reddit on how to cover her tracks. He addressed claims about the FBI's treatment of Hillary Clinton and whether or not the they were biased in her favor. He was angered by such claims, yet continued to make up excuses for Hillary Clinton. FBI Director Insists He's Impartial: FBI Director Covers For Hillary Clinton: FBI Rejects Call to Reopen Clinton Email Investigation: Bush White House Lost 22,000 Emails:"


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Facebook Censors The Humanist Report on DNC Lawsuit Update: DNC's Attorneys Admit Bias Against Bernie Sanders

I tried to post this item from The Humanist Report on Facebook but they said the content is unsuitable? So I am posting it here on my blog and will do the same with other content that is blocked. And so it goes, GORD.