Saturday, September 03, 2016

Boneheaded Democrats Trying to Launch A New Cold War-Via Ring Of Fire

Sen. Joseph McCarthy and Barry Goldwater live on in the American psyche.
Next stop World War III.

Hillary and the Democrats it appears since Hillary's alt-right rant have become as unhinged and dangerous as Trump and the Republicans.

Both parties are run by paranoid egomaniacs who keep threatening either total war or expelling millions or locking up millions it is just wacko time in America just two months from a general election. Democrats and Hillary say ignore the contents of hacked EMails and just blame Russia and Putin. So it is a new form of McCarthyism .

Hillary wants to target countries and individuals involved in Cyber attacks as if this were the same as a terrorist attack ala 9/11. But neoliberals have been trying to blame Russia for years for the crisis in Georgia, Crimea, Ukraine Syria and elsewhere.
So will they next blame Russia for 9/11 ?

Americans unfortunately suffer from Amnesia and memory loss so they forget what happened a few months ago so they forget that McCarthyism was a bad thing. For instance Kissinger and Nixon were convinced the anti-war movement and the Civil Rights Movement were just Soviet Union front organizations.

Reagan in the 1980s claimed the anti-nuclear weapons movement was funded primarily by the Russians. The Bush administration held to a similar position in their dismissive attitude towards the anti-Iraq war protesters claiming they were stooges of the Russians or Chinese

 As for Hillary Clinton she began in politics by supporting an anti-Communist pro-Nuke anti-civil rights character in the name of Barry Goldwater so my own belief is that she has come full circle . Barry Goldwater infamously said:
 " Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice"
Goldwater claimed he would be willing to use nuclear weapons in Vietnam or elsewhere which Hillary has also indicated she would use Nukes on Iran or Syria, or Russia etc.

From Ring of Fire via Youtube  Ed Schultz and Mike Papantonio on Dems and Hillary launching a new cold war:

 "Published on 2 Sep 2016 With the FBI revealing that hackers have targeted voter registration systems in Arizona and Illinois, as well as a new document dump that ‘Guccifer 2.0’ says he hacked from computers of congressional Democrats, party leaders are blaming Russia and trying to tie their critics and rivals to Moscow.

Ring of Fire Radio host Mike Papantonio joins ‘News with Ed’ to discuss whether the Democratic Party has turned Russia into its monster under the bed. Spread the word!

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