Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Fox News Pastor: Police Are 'Ministers Of God, Sent By God'

 And my rant:

 If police officers are ministers of GOD then whatever they do is God's will and therefore we must comply or die? In a theocratic state of course this would be a no-brainer. But most countries including USA supposedly is not a theocratic state. But as I have argued at other times there are many Americans who believe that the USA is special because it is God chosen nation the City on A Hill.

 If it is The City on The Hill then all those who are part of its government are doing God's work and watch was chosen by God for the job they have. If one believes in this sort of hierarchy that it is a matter Divine design or a natural hierarchy in which people are preordained for the role they are to play as in Hinduism but many Christians also believe in a form of divine hierarchy .

 This I think is part of Hillary Clinton's view that she is supposed to be president as a Divine mandate or a matter of being of the right class that she deserves it cause she prays diligently and believes in the right God as in Jesus because of her sacrifices somehow God and country owe her. The thing is that America is supposedly a democracy so someone runs for office and if they get enough votes they become president.

There is no divinity involved in this process esp if this is just God. A just God allows for free will and choice but if everything is foreordained then we are just stuck in a movie and everything is inevitable it is how the script was written . But seriously since Hillary has her prayer circle which is connected to an extremist Christian Cult. This Cult the Fellowship or The family preaches that there is a God ordained hierarchy and some are destined to rule to be rich and powerful. Having joined this group Hillary identifies with those at the top of the hierarchy which the Family and its leader Doug Coe believe.

 The Family is the group which sponsor the annual Prayer Breakfast which open to the public to which the US president and other members of government and foreign leaders and the powerful meet . All those attending are not necessarily committed members of the actual church .It has become one of those events such people attend to make contacts , to be seen et.

 As usual Hillary claims to be somewhat ignorant and naive about the church itself though it is connected to her prayer group. Its like she doesn't know nothing about no computer servers e-Mails - she also believed everything Bush and Cheney told her cos she's an innocent , naive , helpless? So many things she didn't know about like the coup in Honduras, the Coup in Ukraine, the destabilizing and destruction of Libya or the public lynching of Qaddafi etc.

 Conspiracy or just an interesting aspect of Hillary Clinton's character and her form of Christian Spirituality and theology. That is if we believe she is somewhat spiritual and prayerful because she says it gives her strength and guides her decisions and ideology.