Saturday, October 17, 2015

Days of Revolt - The 51 Day War Max Blumenthal and Chris Hedges on Israel's War Crimes

Via Alternet :
'Sadism and Savagery I've Never Seen Before': Max Blumenthal & Chris Hedges Discuss 2014 Assault on Gaza

As tensions rise in the occupied territories again, last summer's brutal siege of Gaza can't be forgotten. By Adam Johnson / AlterNet October 16, 2015

Recent tensions in the West Bank and East Jerusalem have brought the long-standing Israeli occupation of Palestine back into the news again. Discussion of a Third Intifada and a "wave of violence" have John Kerry rushing to the region to "calm things down" and pundits scrambling to lay blame. Missing from recent news has been an important piece of context: a Palestine still reeling from the Israeli assault on Gaza last summer that left 11,000 wounded and over 2,200 dead -- 70% of whom were children.

Pulitzer-prize winner Chris Hedges and AlterNet's Max Blumenthal recently sat down to discuss this context on Hedges' new teleSUR show, Days of Revolt, a series that focuses on people around the world fighting injustice in the face of unimaginable odds.

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