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David Pakman Show: A few Blackwater Mercenaries Sentenced & More TYT

From Twitter: David Pakman Show

David appears enthused but I don't think this goes far enough . There were as Lewis mentioned hundreds of such crimes committed by mercenaries & US Troops such as the Baghdad Helicopter murder of 17 innocent civilians including two journalist .

Many Iraq veterans have publicly testified that the policy was to shoot anything that moves . Soldiers carried extra rifles and shovels to cover up unjustified killings just plant a shovel or rifle beside corpses and as for wounded just keep shooting til dead.

US soldiers murdered, raped & tortured and they expect medals and those who gave the orders get plumb jobs with the pentagon or security & defense industries or advisers on hawkish think tanks.

Then we have what US soldiers think is just the guys having a bit of fun. So excuse my cynicism.

These few so called " bad apples" may pay the price but mere fodder & scapegoats for the chicken heart generals & WhiteHouse alumni

Ah yes back in the good old days in Iraq BlackWater Mercenaries & US Troops winning Hearts & Minds Under Dick Cheny policy "Kill'em All"

Blackwater shoot'em up with civilians as targets

And here's more from Cenk Uygur at The Young Turks

Blackwater Contractors Driving Over Iraqi Woman

Published on 5 Apr 2012
Cenk Uygur discusses a video recently released by Harper's Magazine that shows private contractors from Blackwater in Iraq hitting cars in traffic and running over a woman then fleeing the scene.

Blackwater is the mercenary firm founded as Blackwater USA in 1996 by former Navy SEAL and fundamentalist Christian Erik Prince. It received no-bid contracts from the Bush administration in Iraq, Afghanistan, and post-Katrina New Orleans. In 2009, Prince resigned as CEO. Amid scandals over misbehavior by Blackwater employees in Iraq, the company renamed itself Blackwater Worldwide in 2007, Xe Services in 2009, and Academi in 2011. Subsidiaries include Paravant LLC.

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