Monday, April 20, 2015

Christian group ‘investigating’ family and staff of 2016 candidates to expose gay sympathizers

Christian group ‘investigating’ family and staff of 2016 candidates to expose gay sympathizers

 "A Evangelical Christian organization has called on right-leaning pastors to “investigate” the family and staff of U.S. presidential candidates in order to expose anyone who is secretly gay or who supports LGBT rights. The Washington Examiner‘s Paul Bedard reported on Monday that David Lane’s American Renewal Project had asked “100,000 pastors” that it was working with to mobilize Christian voters to also dig up dirt on people connected to presidential candidates.

 “As the race begins in the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary, Evangelicals have no choice but to investigate which consultants and operatives are behind each of the candidates; decisions about personnel provide evidences about policy,” Lane wrote in a column for Western Journalism last week.

 Lane pointed out that evangelicals had been disappointed when Ken Mehlman revealed he was gay after stepping down as the chairman of the Republican National Committee. And he suggested that George W. Bush would have been disqualified if Christian voters had known that his wife, Laura Bush, would hint at support for same-sex marriage and abortion rights after the president left office. "

CBN Video -Christian Supremacists -America as a Godly Christian Nation not pluralism or multiculturalism or tolerance for those with other beliefs or those who are apostates and sinners.

Ted Cruz & Rand Paul are two of their favorites. They argue in favor of a New Revival and awakening which will be realized at the ballot box in 2016.
As usual they lament their defeats such lagalization of abortion, Gay rights & Gay marriage , the banning of prayer in the schools.
They want to get America in their view back on track promoting Christian beliefs and values and reject the atheists and liberal Christians and apostates and non-believers.
Given 9/11, the rise of Al Qaeda and now ISIS and according to them the widespread persecution of Christians and the turmoil in the Middle East and the confrontation of Israel with Iran that the End Times are finally here and that the True Christians that is the Holy Remnant must be rallied to fight the enemies of Jesus & God.
With the coming of the 2016 election the Religious Right of Dispensationalists and Dominionists Christians are co-opting the GOP contenders in the hope of putting someone they consider to be one of them as the next president of the USA.

The politicization of the Religious Right goes back to Rev. Jerry Falwell and the Moral Majority and its support of Ronald Reagan and to the consolidation of the Religious Right leaders first imagined and encouraged by the writings and sermons and lectures of Dr. Francis Schaeffer in the late 1970s for example the publication of his opus " A Christian Manifesto" and "Whatever Happened To The Human Race " and "How Shall We Then Live".
In these works Schaeffer outlines how America has been taken over by the "Secular Humanists" or by Liberalism and notions such as multiculturalism and so America has moved away in his view from God and the Founding Fathers Christian views, beliefs and values.
The only hope according to Schaeffer is to fight back against liberalism and Secular Humanism by Christians becoming community activists and by becoming a political and therefore voting bloc and a political machine using all the tools necessary to once again take control of all facets of society from top to bottom and kick non-believers out of any positions of authority or power from the school board to Sheriffs to mayors, governors and the White House and the Pentagon.

Others recently including Chris Hedges, Glenn Greenwald etc.have once again raised the alarm of the rising once again of the Religious Right but this time they have become an influential voice since now all those seeking public office must prove their credentials as True Believing Christians as Pres. Obama has done as Hillary Clinton keeps proclaiming as do all those running for the GOP leadership.

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