Saturday, December 06, 2014

UN Panel Slams U.S. on Police Brutality, Torture, Child Migrants & Gitmo- #ICantBreathe

United Nations Panel Slams U.S. Record on Police Brutality, Torture, Child Migrants & Guantánamo - YouTube

Published on 3 Dec 2014 - As protests continue over the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, the United States is facing pressure internationally over its failure to put a halt to police brutality. In a new report, the United Nations Committee Against Torture expresses deep concern over the "frequent and recurrent police shootings or fatal pursuits of unarmed black individuals." The Committee also criticizes a number of other U.S. practices on torture and imprisonment, Guantánamo Bay, and the custody of migrants including children in "prison-like detention facilities." We discuss the report's findings with Dr. Jens Modvig, member of the Committee against Torture and one of two rapporteurs for its report. Watch all Democracy Now! coverage about the Ferguson protests in our archive:

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