Monday, December 01, 2014

Rampant Malpractice of Media Coverage Of Ferguson -Media's Racist Narrative

Keene Pumpkin Festival Riot- White College Kids -not considered a threat to the nation.

What white people say when confronted by charges of racism in cases in which Black men are shot & Killed

Below Father tries to comfort his child his son not to worry??? 

Mainstream Media's racist narrative in Ferguson. The anger and rage black people in Ferguson and across the USA are feeling is characterized by the media as unjustified.
The anger and rage felt by Black people is characterized as being primal and primitive which they expect from Black people whom most of the media consider in one way or another as inferior to White people

The looting and rioting is focused on by the Media because it fits their racist narrative of primitive out of control Black people ( as if white people would never do such things just take a look at the Pumpkin Festival riots or other riots over sports events in the USA )

See for instance : 11 stupid reasons white people have rioted KALI HOLLOWAY, ALTERNET 30 NOV 2014

Published on 26 Nov 2014
Coverage of the Ferguson, Mo. unrest spans the usual spectrum of media malpractice. With many examples of misinformation and oversimplication, just how much can viewers trust what they see and hear? RT’s Tabetha Wallace and Tyrel Ventura discuss.

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