Friday, November 14, 2014

Violence and Justice Will Not Be Tolerated in Ferguson: Police Ready For WAR!!!

Memorial For Michael Brown where he was killed

 What Rubber Bullets actually do a human body

Michael Brown's parents deliver a statement to Geneva

Authorities will not tolerate even peaceful protests since all who protest the media and government claim must be anti-American???

Above :Tibetan Monks arrive in Ferguson to support protests

Trayvon Martin killed by George Zimmerman  an example of the illegitimate "Stand Your Ground Law" just a variation on The New Jim Crow open season on Black men.

  In Taiwan Protesters adopt Ferguson's " Hands Up Don'tShoot"

 Police act as if defenseless while armed and dangerous

Above:  Kajiemie Powell shot and then cuffed

Below protest for John Crawford

John Crawford shot by Police In Walmart

Ferguson Hands Up Don'T Shoot!!!

Just because they are not wearing white robes doesn't mean they are not racists???

 KKK insists they are going to fight and shoot protesters in Ferguson
KKK and the governor of Missouri agree that Violence Will Not Be Tolerated except by local police, state troopers, National Guard and the KKK and other White Supremacists.

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