Sunday, November 09, 2014

Reality Check: Impeach Obama? We Never Said That! - CUE THE TAPE!

Republicans argue they won a mandate in Midterm election to stop Obama at any cost possibly including Impeachment:

MSNBC's Maddow: "Tone On Conservative Talk Radio" Is That GOP Only Elected To "Destroy Barack Obama" Media matters

Right-Wing Media Outraged After Obama Declares Intent To Cooperate With GOP MediaMatters For America Nov. 5, 2014

Right-wing media reacted with disbelief and outrage at President Obama's post-election speech, in which he said he intends to cooperate with Republicans -- despite Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell making the same claim earlier the same day.

...Fox's Hannity: Obama Showed "Breathtaking Arrogance"At Press Conference. During the November 5 edition of his radio program, Fox News host Sean Hannity asserted that Obama was demonstrating "breathtaking arrogance" during his press conference. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Sean Hannity Show, 11/5/14]

Fox's Pavlich: Obama "Just Doesn't Give A Damn" That Republicans Won Election. Fox News contributor and TownHall editor Katie Pavlich responded to Obama's speech by claiming he "just doesn't give a damn"

...RedState's Erickson: Obama Is A "Petulant Man Child" Who"Just Gave [Americans] The Middle Finger." RedState editor and Fox News contributor Erick Erickson responded to Obama's speech by claiming that the president was a "petulant man child" who gave "the middle finger" to Americans:

...Drudge: Obama Will "Do Whatever He Wants" Because Republicans "Won't Arrest Him." Matt Drudge, founder of the Drudge Report, responded to Obama's speech by claiming that Obama would "do whatever he wants anyway" because Republicans "won't arrest him":

...Fox's Starnes: Obama Has "No Intention" Of Working With Republicans. Fox News' Todd Starnes claimed Obama has "no intention" of actually working with Republicans

...Fox's Tammy Bruce: "Obama's Insane." Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce responded to Obama's speech by tweeting that "Obama's insane"

...Michelle Malkin: Obama Is "Narcissus-In-Chief." Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin responded to Obama's speech by calling him "Narcissus-in-chief"

WATCH: Judge Napolitano Drops The Hammer, Saying Obama A ‘Candidate For Impeachment’
Republicans in Congress will have "very little recourse"... by Norvell Rose, Nov. 7, 2014 at WesternJournalism

Fox's Megyn Kelly Asks Republican Senator If He Will Impeach Obama Over Executive Action On Immigration Video ››› November 6, 2014 Media Matters For America

Laura Ingraham on GOP election win & Bipartisanism

Laura Ingraham Blasts Calls For Bipartisan Cooperation After Midterm Elections
Ingraham: Obama Said "He's Going To Shove It Right Down Your Throat Whether You Like It Or Not"

From the November 6 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

Limbaugh: Republicans Were Elected "So That There'd Be Continued Gridlock" Media Matters

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"Stop Barack Obama": Right-Wing Media Demand No Compromise MediaMatters For America, Nov. 5, 2014

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