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Racist Cardinals Fans & Police Break Car Window Taze Black Man & CNN Legal Analyst Explodes over Police Racism

Cardinals Hat Placed Atop Michael Brown's Casket 

Jamal Jones Tazed and dragged out of car by police

Jamal Jones screams as he is being Tazed by Indiana Police

Racist Cardinals Fans St. Louis confronting Peaceful Ferguson Protesters

Today's Items:

*Racist Cardinals Fans versus Ferguson Protesters
*Police Break Car Window Taze Black Man over seatbelt stop
*CNN Legal Analyst Explodes over Police Racism

  "WATCH: Cops smash window to use Taser on passenger during seat belt traffic stop" by TRAVIS GETTYS at RawStory ,07 OCT 2014                

  AN Indiana family filed a lawsuit after police drew their guns, broke out a car window, and used a Taser on an adult passenger during a traffic stop.
Lisa Mahone said she was pulled over Sept. 25 by Hammond police for a seat belt violation as she drove with her boyfriend and their two children to a Chicago hospital, where doctors had said her mother was near death.
She handed over her driver’s license and proof of insurance, and police asked her boyfriend, Jamal Jones, for his ID.
Jones told police he did not have an ID because he had recently gotten a ticket, and he reached into a book bag on the back seat to show them the ticket.
Officers drew their guns on the couple and their 14-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter, and the teen began recording the encounter on a cell phone.
Mahone called 911 to report she feared for her life after officers drew their weapons, and she told the dispatcher that she hoped to reach the hospital before her mother died.
“I said, ‘Oh my god, he’s pulling me over like I robbed a bank,’” Mahone told WFLD-TV.

 Hammond Police Dept Break Through Vehicle Window and Taze Passenger - Extended

 CNN legal analyst explodes over ‘inherent’ police racism: ‘This is what it’s like to be a black person’
DAVID EDWARDS at RawStory ,07 OCT 2014

 The case of a police using a Taser on a young African-American car passenger became personal for CNN legal analyst Sonny Hostin on Tuesday when her colleague, Paul Callan, tried to claim that abuses of power did not have a racial component.
CNN’s Susan Candiotti reported that an Indiana family was suing the Hammond police department for a Sept. 25 traffic stop that ended with officers breaking a passenger-side window and tasing Jamal Jones because he would not produce an ID.
Callan said that police had mishandled the case, but predicted that the city would prevail.

...“Of course, they were afraid,” Hostin said. “And I’ve got to tell you I’m so upset. I think actually Paul is correct [about his prediction], but this is the hazard of being a black person in the United States today! I mean, there’s a family in a car and they are completely complying. You see that [the mother] has called 911. He isn’t even driving the vehicle. He has provided several pieces of paper as identification.”
“This family was tortured for over 13 minutes. Those children were traumatized. And guess what? The law as it stands right now probably protects the police officers’ actions.”
“And as a woman of color, I don’t know what to do!” Hostin exclaimed in frustration. “Because this could happen to me, this could happen to my child, this could happen to my father, this could happen to my husband. What do we do about the inherent racism over and over and over again in these United States during these traffic stops!”     
 CNN's Sony Hostin and Paul Callan debate police racism and abuse of power via Rawstory

 In an article  Tom Ley  lists some of the more outrageous and egregious racist comments of Cardinal fans when confronted with a peaceful MichaelBrown protesters who were protesting against police racism and the use of excessive force and brutality in dealing with black citizens.

  " Cardinals Fans Get Ugly In Clash With Ferguson Protesters" by tom Ley at Deadspin,Oct. 7, 2014

...Here is a video of some of the protest from last night, via Argus Streaming News. It's rather long, so I'll point out some of the egregious cases of Cardinals fans being shitty below.

 We start off with a bang. At about the 22-second mark, an old white Cardinals fan begins telling the protesters—all of whom appear to be black—that they need to get jobs. He looks right in the camera, proudly, and says, "That's right! If they'd be working, we wouldn't have this problem!"
At about the 1:30 mark, the crowd of Cardinals fans begin drowning out the protesters' chants with a "Let's go Cardinals!" chant. Well, they could be saying worse things...
At the 2:40 mark, they start saying much worse things. The "Let's go Cardinals!" chant has turned into a "Let's go Darren!" chant. Cool.
At 8:10 one of the Cardinals fans calls one of the protesters a "crack head" and tells him he needs to go see a dentist.
At 8:50 the "Let's go Cardinals" chant starts up again.
At 9:05 one of the Cardinals fans starts telling one of the protesters that if he ever "saw him in the street" he would "look at the ground." They argue for a bit about who would and would not whip whose ass.
At about 10:25 a small blonde lady starts yelling at the protesters: "We're the ones who gave all y'all the freedoms that you have!"
At about 12:14 an older female Cardinals fan begins telling the man holding the camera, who claims he is a former Marine, that she doesn't believe he is a veteran. The conversation does not go well for her.
At 14:54, the Cardinals fans start in on a very loud "USA! USA! USA!" chant.
At 16:07, another Cardinals fan begins yelling at the protesters, telling them that they need to get jobs.
At 16:43, a female Cardinals fan begins chanting "Africa! Africa! Africa!" at the protesters.
At 17:10, a Cardinals fans tells the protesters that they need to remove their hats and pull up their pants.

 also see for instance: " Viral video shows the worst of St. Louis, reopens old debate " by JoanNiesen at Sports Illustrated , Oct. 7, 2014

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