Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Haaretz's Bradley Burton Criticizes Netanyahu & Max Blumenthal On 3rd Intifada

Netanyahu needs Israel in constant state of despair, Haaretz's Bradley Burston tells Aimee Amiga

And here's Max Blumenthall at The Real News Network speaking about Israel's harsh and brutal treatment of Palestinians which may lead to a third Intifada:

...BLUMENTHAL: My friends who are there are telling me that an explosion could be likely, and we've been hearing about the possibility of a third intifada for years. This is the first time, based on my most recent trip and the time that I got to spend in Shuafat, which is really the epicenter of the mini-intifada that's burning right now, that I really think that something like that could be on the horizon.

And the difference between today and the second intifada is that Israel's put in a much more sophisticated and brutal matrix of control. The Separation Wall really prevents people from the West Bank from participating in any of the rebellion or protests in East Jerusalem and vice versa. And the Israeli police, which are basically an ancillary of the Israeli military, are able to contain protests and riots in East Jerusalem to one neighborhood.

But we're seeing, I think, another difference, which points in the direction of a widespread revolt, is the composition of the Israeli government. I mean, what Netanyahu is doing, authorizing over 1,000 new settlement units yesterday, is really pandering to the right wing of his coalition, which is incipient and powerful. It's also the right wing of his own party, which represents the future of the Likud Party.

And then, finally, what we're seeing in Jerusalem is kind of just the continuation of the violence that raged all summer, beginning with the kidnapping of three Israeli teens that led straight to the revenge killing of Mohammed Abu Khdeir of Shuafat. He was burned alive. And Shuafat has been on fire ever since then. And having spent time with the Abu Khdeir family, been in their house, and seen the police repression--you know, the Israeli police are doing everything they can to provoke and escalate the violence. I mean, they've kept this family and this neighborhood under siege. And Netanyahu is now proposing economic sanctions on the parents of stone throwers. And he said that we will win this war in Jerusalem, which is essentially a holy war being incited by the right wing of his coalition.

also see:

Israel ranked 4th in child poverty, 2nd in wage inequality, Oct. 29, 2014, i24News

International report also ranks Israel first in rate of young adults who don't study or work - 30.7%

Two international reports issued this week give Israel poor marks in terms of child poverty and women's equality.

Israel ranks fourth in child poverty in the developed world, and is the second least equal country in the world in terms of wage equality between men and women.

Child poverty has increased from 35.1 to 35.6 percent, placing Israel behind Greece (40.5 percent), Latvia (38.2 percent), and Spain (36.3 percent), said a UNICEF report, which warned that “the longer these children remain trapped in the cycle of poverty, the harder it will be for them to escape.”

Overall, the number of children living in poverty in affluent countries has increased by 2.6 million since the global recession began in 2008, to an estimated 76.5 million.

While fourth in child poverty, Israel had the highest rate of young adults who are not in education, employment or training - 30.7 percent.

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