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#MikeBrown Protesters Disrupt St. Louis Symphony Performance

"Requiem For Mike Brown" Protests
   Police Violated Constitutional Rights Of Ferguson Protesters, Federal Judge Rules
  Teacher fired for doing the right thing defending black student from white bullies

  Ferguson protests over the police killing of Michael Brown continues with changing venues "Requiem For Mike Brown" Protests

  " Requiem for Mike Brown protest in the St. Louis Symphony exposes both white privilege and support" by Shaun King via DailyKos.com,Oct. 5, 2014

Last night a beautifully diverse group of women and men came together to stage a protest
inside of the St. Louis Symphony they are calling, "Requiem for Mike Brown".  Not only
was it perfectly executed, the reactions it elicited from attendees and members of the
symphony, ranging the spectrum from utter disgust to total support, created something of
a microcosm of America.

 "Ferguson Protesters Disrupt St. Louis Symphony With Song For Michael Brown " The Huffington Post, By Ed Mazza Oct. 6, 2014

 Protesters disrupted a performance of the St. Louis Symphony on Saturday night, unfurling banners and launching into song just as the show was about to resume after intermission, according to reports.
As conductor Markus Stenz took to the stage for a performance of Brahms' "Requiem," several members of the audience stood and sang a version of the protest song, "Which Side Are You On?" They were soon joined by several others in different parts of the auditorium as Stenz and the musicians on stage quietly looked on, according to video posted online.
From the balcony, protesters unfurled at least four banners.
 One featured a drawing of the Gateway Arch and St. Louis skyline along with the words "Racism Lives Here," while another called on people to "Rise Up And Join the Movement."
"When we discovered that Brahms' 'Requiem' would be on the calendar, for Mike Brown, it was a beautiful connection that seemed fated," protest organizer Sarah Griesbach told KSDK-TV. "A requiem is a song for the dead."

  " Police Violated Constitutional Rights Of Ferguson Protesters, Federal Judge Rules" Posted: 10/06/2014 By Ryan J. Reilly at Huffington Post

 WASHINGTON -- Police overseeing security at protests in Ferguson, Missouri, in August violated the constitutional rights of demonstrators and journalists by forcing them to stay in constant motion and not stop walking, a federal judge ruled on Monday.

Chief U.S. District Judge Catherine D. Perry held that the "practice of requiring peaceful demonstrators and others to walk, rather than stand still, violates the Constitution." She issued a preliminary injunction banning St. Louis County Police and Missouri State Highway Patrol officers from using the tactic.

"The evidence from plaintiff’s witnesses shows that the police, including those from St. Louis County, told many people who were either peacefully assembling or simply standing on their own that they would be arrested if they did not keep moving," wrote Perry, who sits on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri. "Some law enforcement officers told people that they could stand still for no more than five seconds. Others gave instructions that people were walking too slowly, or that they could not walk back and forth in a small area. Some law enforcement officers did not make people keep moving, others did. Some officers applied the strategy to reporters, others did not. Many officers told people who were standing in small groups on the sidewalks during the daytime hours that they would be arrested if they did not keep moving."

Perry ruled that individuals who wished to gather "in the wake of Michael Brown’s tragic death have a constitutional right to do so." She also noted that "they do not have the right to endanger lives of police officers or other citizens." She said that nothing in her order restricted the ability of police officers to do their jobs.

“Vague rules that are applied in a haphazard fashion tend to increase community tension,” Tony Rothert, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri, said in a statement. “Judge Perry’s injunction is a huge win for peaceful protesters and those who believe in the rule of law." The ACLU chapter had brought suit over the issue.
Here's a video from Huffington Post:

and on the issue of racism here is another bizarre story as a teacher is fired for defending a black student from white bullies.

 Teacher fired for Doing the right thing

  " Arizona Teacher Fired for  Breaking up Racist Bullying of 4th Grader " byFrank Vyan WaltonFollow at Dailykos.comOct. 2,2014

 25 year veteran Elementary Teacher Pam Aister was fired this week by the Fountain Hills Arizona School District after breaking up an incident of Racial Bullying by Four Students against one other.
“He was called the n-word, ‘monkey’, and ‘coon,’ Aister told KNXV.
Ainster told KTAR-FM that she also said to the group, “If you’re picking on him, you’re
picking on me. It’s not five against one, it’s five against two, and there will be no
more taunting, teasing or racial names.”
But parents of the alleged offenders claim that Ainster used abusive language telling
them to "shut up" and that one had an "ugly face", an allegation that Ainster denies.  In
the end the School Board, following the recommendation of their attorney, voted to
terminate Ainster on the basis of reports from the parents.
Isn't it an interesting world, assuming Ainster's claims are essentially true and even
that the counter claims against her are valid, where a pack of bigoted bullies can rely
on their parents to protect and escalate their bullying in order to remove a teacher
whose primary crime was to stand up against their racist taunting - even if somewhat
vehemently - in order to protect and defend a vulnerable child?

and :

Arizona Teacher Fired After Defending Black Student From Racist Bullying
Kayode Kendall Oct.2 ,2014


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