Saturday, October 04, 2014

"Khorasan Doesn’t Exist, They Never Did, You’ve Been Lied To"-The Young Turks

Published on 29 Sep 2014 "As the Obama Administration prepared to bomb Syria without congressional or U.N. authorization, it faced two problems. The first was the difficulty of sustaining public support for a new years-long war against ISIS, a group that clearly posed no imminent threat to the “homeland.” A second was the lack of legal justification for launching a new bombing campaign with no viable claim of self-defense or U.N. approval.
The solution to both problems was found in the wholesale concoction of a brand new terror threat that was branded “The Khorasan Group.” After spending weeks depicting ISIS as an unprecedented threat — too radical even for Al Qaeda! — administration officials suddenly began spoon-feeding their favorite media organizations and national security journalists tales of a secret group that was even scarier and more threatening than ISIS, one that posed a direct and immediate threat to the American Homeland. Seemingly out of nowhere, a new terror group was created in media lore."* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.
*Read more here from Glenn Greenwald & Murtaza Hussain / First Look:
Khorasan, Hong Kong, Afghanistan, War Authorization & Oklahoma Beheading - The Young Turks 9/29/2014 News & Politics
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