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Black Americans Frustrated By On Going Police Racial Profiling, Harassment ,use of excessive force and shooting to kill Black Suspects

AlterNet Comics: Matt Bors on Police Spilling Black Blood What if it had been ebola blood?

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Worth watching important message from the Advise Show I came across on YouTube in case you missed it
This commentary was in February long before the Mike Brown shooting in Ferguson but the police across the USA still seem to have little regard for the rights of black people and little regard for their lives -it seems blacks are eexpendable
Black Americans frustrated by on going police racial profiling , stereotyping ,harassment , police tthuggery brutality and shootings.

NYPD Thugs Terrorize Black Man That Did Nothing Wrong
Published on 26 Feb 2014
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Kahreem Tribble
David Hooks
Carlos Alcis

NYPD pistol whipping teenage suspect

Published on 7 Oct 2014
NYPD Officers Tyrane Isaac and David Afanador are under criminal investigation after allegedly beating and pistol-whipping an unarmed teen in Brooklyn, as seen in the brutal video below. Kahreem Tribble, 16, had his hands up at the time of the attack. The two officers were pursuing Tribble after he allegedly dropped a bag of weed and began running at 1311 St. John's Place in Crown Heights. When the clip begins, Tribble gives up the chase, turning to face Isaac, and Isaac gives him a right hook to the head. Tribble puts his hands in the air, then Afandor arrives, gun drawn, and smacks him in the face with it. By this point, the teen is slumped over against a wall, but Isaac throws another punch just in case. Officer Christopher Mastoros then enters the frame, but does nothing to stop the wanton violence.

According to DNAinfo, which published the video, Tribble was left with cracked teeth and bruises. Afanador was suspended from his position without pay, and Isaac was stripped of his badge and his gun and placed on modified duty. The men, both nine-year veterans, are under investigation from the NYPD's internal affairs bureau and the Brooklyn District Attorney's office. Each has two previous cases against him claiming false arrest or excessive use of force, DNAinfo reports.

No knock raid: SWAT kills Georgia grandpa after getting bogus tip from meth-head
David Hooks killed by police

So here's what a SWAT Team forced entry looks like -is this reasonable - was the whole family the head of some international drug cartel -
do those suspected of drug offenses have no civil or legal rights
this just appears to be part of the militarization of police forces who have come to view the public in general as the enemy as US soldiers have done in Iraq and Afghanistan- everyone is considered a potential threat to the police-
Swat Team Raid A House In Fort Worth Without Knocking, Kills Father In Front Of Whole Family!
Published on 15 Jun 2014
Swat Team Raid A House In Fort Worth Without Knocking, Kills Father In Front Of Whole Family! The family of Carlos Alcis blames his death on the encounter. Alcis, 43, got into a dispute with cops after they knocked on his door in Brownsville around 5:...

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Gary Younge: The Low, Low Cost of Black Life in America: Is there a price to pay for summarily killing a man? Oct. 12, 2014 at The Guardian


Black Teenager's Mysterious Hanging Death in North Carolina Evokes Painful Imagery:Police say they have no evidence of foul play in the death of Lennon Lacy. His family doubts that. by Ed Pilkington at The Guardian, Oct. 9, 2014

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