Thursday, October 09, 2014

Media Hysteria over Ebola & ISIS

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Meanwhile Fox News is increasing hysteria over ISIS by falsely claiming ISIS is at the US border

Rachel Maddow Reports about: "Crazy Rep. Duncan Hunter: ISIS Fighters Were Apprehended At Southern Border" By Heather October 9, 2014 via Crooks & Liars

Another day, another right wing politician doing his best to scare the hell out of the viewers at Faux "news."

The Department of Homeland Security has called right wing flamethrower Rep. Duncan Hunter's claim that there have been at least 10 ISIS fighters apprehended at out Southern border "categorically false." That didn't stop his office from telling Rachel Maddow's staff that they stand by his statements and "may release more information tomorrow." As Maddow noted on this Wednesday's show, if he does make true on his promise it will probably be on Fox, just like the interview he gave last night, where even host Greta Van Susteren was skeptical of his assertions.

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