Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mavis Staples "Eyes On The Prize" A Reminder to president Obama & the White Elite

The killing of Michael Brown and other unarmed African Americans by police just goes to show having a black President has had no impact on racism in America. American police officers still demand immunity when they shoot or brutalize an African-American citizen . They believe that all African-Americans and other people of color are all guilty of some crime and are not quite the equal to white Americans or even privileged /elitist Americans of color. Obama is just another member of the 1% and the American privileged elite who have little patience or interests in the so called "Unwashed Masses" . America is in need of another non-violent revolution of non-cooperation which means filling the streets and obstructing traffic and standing one's ground against the police or National Guard who work for the privileged elite . Filling the streets needs to be followed as Gandhi said by filling the prisons with non-violent non-cooperative civil disobedient protesters. GORD.

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