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JFK Jr. On Pete Seeger & fav. Regina Spektor song " Firewood " And TYT On Christian Extremists Take over of the US Military & Racist NRA

Favorite song by Regina Spektor: Firewood from album What We Saw From the Cheap Seats

and JFK Jr. remembers Pete Seeger: Iconic American ideal

Published on 3 Feb 2014 YOUTUBE
Ring of Fire co-hosts Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Sam Seder discuss the death of musician and activist Pete Seeger.

TYT: Cenk Uygur interviews Mikey Weinstein of Military Freedom Foundation discussing the take over of the US military by Christian Dominionists who believe America must become a Christian nation in which only Christians are to be permitted to hold positions of authority.
They believe all other religions are tools of Satan and are anti-Christian and anti-Christ .
They believe the US military should be a force to aid in the return of Jesus and the Second Coming and the Apocalypse.
They insist only Christians of the right sort should be in leadership positions in the US armed forces and the Pentagon and the White House etc.

Published on 27 Jan 2014
Watch the FULL interview here:

Mikey Weinstein is the founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (, an organization dedicated to stopping the unconstitutional forced religious conversion that remains far too prevalent in all branches of the United States Armed Forces.

In this interview, he and Cenk Uygur discuss Mikey's recent run-in with Fox News' Bill O'Reilly, the prevalence in the military of "Dominionism," the radical Evangelical Christian theology that anticipates the imminent return of Jesus Christ, and why the fight for religious freedom within the military may be all that stands between us and global nuclear destruction.

Before founding the MRFF in 2006, Weinstein was an Air Force officer, Reagan Administration legal counsel and General Counsel to Texas billionaire and two-time Presidential candidate H. Ross Perot and Perot Systems Corporation. He is also the author of With God on Our Side: One Man's War Against an Evangelical Coup in America's Military and No Snowflake in an Avalanche, both of which describe his fight against alleged coercive Christian Fundamentalist practices by some members of the military.

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And in case you missed it as I did here's The Young Turks on racism in America.
Question is why isn't Bill O'Reilly and the NRA not in favor of arming black people yet they want all white Americans to be armed.
O'Relly claims only blacks kill blacks and white Americans have nothing to do with it.
O'Reilly rejects Tavis Smiley proposal to arm all black persons.

Tavis Smiley Disarms Bill O'Reilly With Suggestion To Arm Every Black Person In America

Published on 17 Jul 2013

"PBS host Tavis Smiley joined Bill O'Reilly to react to O'Reilly's assertions about the lack of media coverage over black-on-black crime in the United States. Smiley told O'Reilly that institutionally there is a contempt for black men in the United States that has to be addressed. O'Reilly pushed back, while Smiley brought up gun laws and suggested that every black person in the United States should have a gun just to see how the NRA responds."*

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