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Arizona Governor Brewer's Veto of Anti-Gay Bill Turning Point??? The Last Word -Watching The Arizona Bill Go Down In Flames Isn't Just Cause For Celebration. It’s A Sign Of Change. Upworthy Brandon Weber

"In the slight chance that you haven't heard, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed the anti-gay bill couched as "religious freedom" that both the state's Senate and House passed. This clip is from "The Last Word," and my takeaway is summed up by host Lawrence O'Donnell himself: "I'm not sure we've seen anything quite like this, where there's a governmental move against gay rights and there is an uprising." "

GOP’s “religious liberty” scam just died: Why Brewer’s veto is so momentous
Once upon a time, the right thought it could push its agenda behind claim of religious freedom. Those days are over Salon .com, Feb. 27, 2014 by Brian Beutler

Unfortunately this is not the end of this issue as the Religious Right continues to fear monger over the issue not just of Gay marriage but of Gay rights. In many states in the USA the basic rights of gays are not protected under legislation or state constitutions .

For instance there are many examples of the anti-Gay fear mongering message of the Religious Right and Conservatives exposed at Rightwing Watch .

For example dominionist quasi historian David Barton claims that God, the Bible and Jesus hate Gays
RWW News: David Barton Says The Bible Prohibits 'Gender Bender' Day in Schools

And David Barton is in fact a Domionist in that he believes Christians must control all apsects of American culture and society and that there is no room for the secular viewpoint or perspective since everything must be God and Bible based.

David Barton: Christians Must Control The Culture

For more on David Barton as faux historian see : David Barton & WallBuilders' FAKE QUOTES

also see: David Barton Falsifies American History Church & State Magazine, July-August, 1996 at Positive Atheism

So it is not surprising that those on the extreme right are not bothered by reality since they adhere to an alternate reality in which the evil Secular Humanists and Liberals etc. are involved in a conspiracy to destroy Christian America. So they see Gay rights as part of an attack on Christianity and America's traditions, culture and values which they believe are Bible based. So those in favor of Gay rights for example are part of this larger conspiracy or have been duped by the propaganda and lies of the Secular Humanists. The fight they are involved in is a spiritual battle of Good versus evil and they see themselves as on the side of God and set backs in their agenda are either a test from God of their resolve or as the work of Demonic forces.

Texas files notice of appeal in marriage equality case
Gov. Rick Perry and Attorney General Greg Abbott wasted no time appealing Wednesday's equal marriage ruling Feb. 27, 2014, by

Tea Party leader attacks Jan Brewer for allowing “slavery” and penis cakes
Tea Party Nation's Judson Phillips is losing his mind over Gov. Brewer's veto of Arizona's anti-gay Jim Crow bill at,Feb. 27,2014 by ELIAS ISQUITH

CNN host gives Catholic League epic lesson on equal rights: ‘You do not own marriage’ By David Edwards, Feb. 27, 2014, Raw Story

Donahue head of the Catholic League in his attack on Gay marriage bizzarely claims love is not really part of the institution of marriage.

Meanwhile Pat Robertson wants to impeach Eric Holder over the issue of Gay marriage and the rights of LGBT community.

Pat Robertson: Eric Holder ‘elevated’ sodomy over the Constitution, so impeach him
By David Edwards,Feb.26, 2014 via Raw

Here's the video of Pat's rant on the 700 Club:

and uberconservative Tucker Carlson sticks to his bigotry and homophobia claiming giving rights to gays is fascism :

Tucker Carlson: It’s ‘called fascism’ when laws give LGBT people equal treatment Raw, Feb. 26,2014 by David Edwards

Here's video of Tucker Carlson on Fox News:

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