Monday, March 11, 2013

MSNBC , Maddow? et al Part of Cowardly Liberal Progressive Media Ignore or Defend President Obama 's Persecution Of Whistleblower and People's Hero Bradley Manning

Glenn Greenwald one of the few investigative journalists who has been following the Bradley Manning case which he believes Obama is deliberately using to stop Whistleblowers and to stop all Journalists from reporting on leaks.
Journalism ethics if there is such a thing outside a few brave reporters is boiled down to securing one's job and position and of course a decent salary -the cost truth , integrity, Free Press replaced by quiescence and showering one's favorite leader ie Obama or Bush with idolization and idealization.

Glenn Green Wald at Democracy Now with Amy Goodman March 6, 2013.
Whistleblowers Warned at Bradley Manning Hearing: You Give Classified Docs to Me

Is this the death of real journalism in the USA as even self-proclaimed Liberals and Progressives are afraid to take on their beloved Obama.
Are they involved in self-censorship ?
Are the CEOs at the media outlets threatening them?
What's the deal?

We see it these days with other issues of Obama's policies in which these so called champions of democracy , freedom of speech and Human Rights defend Obama's "Kill List" and "Targeted Assassinations and the war crimes he commits every day as he drops bombs from drones on innocent civilians.

The liberal and progressive line is that fewer US troops are being killed and this is their standard for upholding human rights, the rule of law, international law, ethics, morality  and common decency .
Over and over again we have seen the so-called liberals and progressives accept as facts the propaganda that Obama or the Pentagon or CIA feed them .

So if the powers that be say only 100,000 Iraqis died in the Iraq war they take it as fact.
While many journalists and human rights groups outside the overarching influence of the squeamish US media put the figures of Iraqi dead at 650,000 to 1.5 million .

Journalist not towing thew party line also are reporting on the US military's use of "Death Squads" in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan , in Yemen , Somalia . At their height in Iraq they were abducting, torturing and murdering civilians at a rate of 3,000 per month.
When the Death Squads were working in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras etc. the US media then often as not ignored or defended the use of Death Squads. And now since the Obama/Clinton Coup d'etat in Honduras in 2009 the Death Squads are at it again and they are trained, armed and supervised by the USA per usual-but Americans don't give a shit -cause all that matters is America's interests as it is in Afghanistan as it was in Iran 's CIA staged coup in 1953, CIAs staged Coup in Gautemala and the infamous Coup orchestrated by the CIA and Henry Kissinger aka the Butcher of Latin America in Chile putting Dictator Pinochet in power replacing as in the other countries mentioned democratically and popularly supported leaders.

America has the arrogance and hubris to believe that they will decide the fate of nations based upon America's interests especially its corporate and Wall Street interests.
What good for United Fruit INC. is good for the world? as an old saying goes .
MSNBC , Maddow? et al Part of Cowardly Liberal Progressive Media Ignore or Defend President Obama 's Persecution Of Whistleblower and People's Hero Bradley Manning

It is astonishing ,appalling and disturbing that Obama's persecution of Whistleblower and Hero Bradley Manning is either ignored, buries or defended . Why because the liberals and progressives those self-described are too enthralled and adoring and idolizing of Obama to criticize his policies even if they are as bad as or in this case worse than George W. Bush.

The Bushites also idolize Bush and defended all his policies no matter how immoral, unethical or illegal, Now Obama makes up the laws as he goes along and all the liberals and progressives act as his official cheerleaders .

The Case of the US vs Bradley Manning | Common Dreams
Report from Al Jazeera

The Case of the US vs Bradley Manning

Al Jazeera's 'Listening Post' asks why have the US media shied away from covering the source of the WikiLeaks material yet gouged on his information?

During his hour-long plea, Manning told the court that he first turned to the national press. Before approaching WikiLeaks, Manning says he contacted the New York Times, the Washington Post and Politico - neither of which returned his calls. His testimony raises the question of whether the mainstream press was prepared to host the debate on US interventions and foreign policy that Manning had in mind. Media outlets went on to draw on WikiLeaks for some of the biggest news stories of the decade. Manning’s leak meant millions of papers sold and pages viewed yet the story of the man himself has been pushed to the margins. Is this just ingratitude or something more sinister? Are important parts of the fourth estate signing up for a system of government-media relations that sees whistleblowers as enemies of the state?

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