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Guardian Documentary: Don Rumsfeld and General Petraeus Created "Death Squads" In Iraq Which Kidnapped, Tortured and Murdered Tens of Thousands Of Iraqi Citizens -Will Obama Be Allowed To Ignore These War Crimes ???

Shocking documentary details the Bush White House's creation of "Death Squads" under the authority of Donald Rumsfeld and General Petraeus.

US special forces veteran links General Petraeus to torture in Iraq - video trailer,March 06, 2013

A 15-month investigation by the Guardian and BBC Arabic reveals how US colonel James Steele, a veteran of American proxy wars in El Salvador and Nicaragua, played a key role in training and overseeing US-funded special police commandos who ran a network of torture centres in Iraq. Another special forces veteran, retired Colonel James Coffman, worked with Steele and reported directly to General David Petraeus, who had been sent into Iraq to organise the Iraqi security services

• This is an edited version of a longer film. Watch our full-length film investigation about James Steele

• Revealed: Pentagon's link to Iraqi torture centres

What these brutal heartless and soulless criminal psychopaths or sociopaths such as Bush, Cheney & Rumsfeld put into practice is sickening and if there were justice they would be brought to trial and imprisoned .

Will Obama now be willing to himself follow "The Rule Of Law" or will he shirk his duty in favor of upholding the American Mythos that as a nation it never does anything wrong or without just cause and whatever it does is sanctioned by their Americanized vengeful AK47 totting Jesus.

If he won't hopefully the International Criminal Court and the United Nations or if there were the political will a number of nations would band together to seek justice.

But no that won't happen President Obama is more likely to go after the investigative reporters at The Guardian and anyone who leaked information to them than go after America's Heroes .
Maybe he'll target them add them to his "Kill List" have blown up or meet with an unfortunate series of accidents .
Or like Aaron Swartz they will conveniently all commit suicide-
Maybe if the Media goes with this story the journalist involved will be forced to join Wikileaks' Julian Assange in the Embassy of Ecuador in London.

Most Americans and the Mainstream Media will either refuse to cover this story or will offer up justifications for these actions since given that Americans in general are in favor of torture as is President Obama whenever they can just fall back on their old stand by "National Security".

Finally proof that the USA created death squads to terrorize the people of Iraq.

The American created "Death Squads" were kidnapping and detaining Iraqis and then torturing them. At their height some 3,000 tortured and murdered civilians' mutilated corpses were being dumped in the streets in Iraq every month all with The help of US military brass, the CIA, Special Forces and the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld White House.

So we can safely conclude that the numbers of Iraqis given this special treatment numbered over ten thousand and even tens of thousands.

Donald Rumsfeld was in control of the operation run by James Steele and General Petraeus .

So what did Obama know about this operation was he briefed on the details after first taking office .
Is this what he has been so afraid might be leaked to the media .

Is it this type of brutality and lawlessness and depravity that Obama wanted to keep secret at all cost.

If the United Nations and The International Criminal Court were to do their duty they would insist that President Obama re-open investigations into the War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity allegedly committed by the President George W Bush and his White House staff including Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and whoever else had any knowledge about their sickening barbaric criminal activities and those who put these policies into action .

Given this we are once again faced with the disturbing horrific reality that torture and murder were commonplace during the Presidency of George W. Bush .

And this leads to questions about given the enormity and sickening and disgusting nature of these crimes we can wonder how these actions may have trickled down affecting a large portion of the commanders in the field and their troops and would they have concluded that anything goes.

So the abuse and torture and depravity which took place in Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib , Bagram and a hundred CIA "Black Sites" are in fact just the tip of the iceberg .

And we can now truly believe that Rumsfeld was in fact as he said "working on the darkside" and that this was no macho bluff .
In the end The Bush White House threw out all constraints of the Rule Of Law and Common Decency and any sense of morality.
Of course the bureaucrats and lawyers and jaded Media will defend even these actions since they believe that morality and notions of common decency are just made up concepts to hinder those in positions of power.

If Bush and Rumsfeld are capable of such horrors is it really outside the realm of possibility that President Obama had knowledge that these crimes had occurred . If Obama knew and has been covering up then he too is in violation of International Law at the least for the crime of "obstruction of Justice".

And what if during Obama's presidency other such despicable crimes were or still are being committed with Obama's knowledge or because he has made certain that he was left out of the loop in such matters so he could defend himself with "plausible Deni-ability".

International Criminal Court-About

The International Criminal Court (ICC), governed by the Rome Statute, is the first permanent, treaty based, international criminal court established to help end impunity for the perpetrators of the most serious crimes of concern to the international community.

The ICC is an independent international organisation, and is not part of the United Nations system. Its seat is at The Hague in the Netherlands. Although the Court’s expenses are funded primarily by States Parties, it also receives voluntary contributions from governments, international organisations, individuals, corporations and other entities.

The international community has long aspired to the creation of a permanent international court, and, in the 20th century, it reached consensus on definitions of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. The Nuremberg and Tokyo trials addressed war crimes, crimes against peace, and crimes against humanity committed during the Second World War.

In the 1990s after the end of the Cold War, tribunals like the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and for Rwanda were the result of consensus that impunity is unacceptable. However, because they were established to try crimes committed only within a specific time-frame and during a specific conflict, there was general agreement that an independent, permanent criminal court was needed.

On 17 July 1998, the international community reached an historic milestone when 120 States adopted the Rome Statute, the legal basis for establishing the permanent International Criminal Court.

The Rome Statute entered into force on 1 July 2002 after ratification by 60 countries.

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