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Kerry USA Support For Syrian Rebels/Terrorists And Obama's Shame Defending Authoritarian Brutal Regimes In Bahrain, Saudi Arabia etc.

Kerry USA Support For Syrian Rebels/Terrorists And Obama's Shame Defending Authoritarian Brutal Regimes In Bahrain, Saudi Arabia etc.
What may lie ahead for Syria if Nusra Front wins -another Islamic extremist state

When it comes to police brutality or abuse of prisoners by the CIA or US troops Obama is on the side of the police ,FBI, the CIA and US military unconditionally . The only time Obama speaks out about police brutality is when it occurs in other countries and only those countries when that nations government is not one of America's friends. as for America's friends such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain etc. they are permitted to do as they see fit with impunity.

Besides during the Occupy Movement in the USA the US government in league with Department of Homeland Security, FBI and other agencies orchestrated a military style brutal crack down on Occupy protesters with impunity as his "True Believers " ie Faux Liberals and Faux Progressives and their media refused to either cover the story or to dig deeper as in investigative reporting and merely blamed some over zealous police officers. But from what we now know their were government agents working undercover spying on peaceful activists and that the FBI and DHS were feeding police forces disinformation aka lies that the Occupy Movement 's leaders were intent on killing police officers and other officials and that they had caches of weapons and were making bombs for terrorist style attacks. So the government agents got the local police forces all hyped up to fight what they were told was violent insurgency to take down the US government .

The other problem was that since 9/11 the local police forces across the US had become militarized and were training for terrorists attacks or an armed insurgency so they came to see anyone taking part in the Occupy Movement as public enemy #1.

And yet the much vaunted liberal and progressive president did nothing to stop the violence on the part of the police nor did he insist on a full investigation of the use of excessive force by the police.

During the Civil Rights movement from the 1950s to the 1970s the US federal government at times found it necessary to use the national guard , the FBI or even US troops to protect the Civil Rights protesters such as the Freedom Riders from being attacked by the White Supremacists and the KKK. If Obama had been president it is doubtful that he would have taken such measures to protect the protesters in the way that Eisenhower, Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson did.

To use a movie analogy Obama is no Django he is more like the character Stephen played by Samuel L. Jackson who is 2nd in command of Candie Land Plantation owned by Leonardo Di Caprio playing Calvin Candie who in the end can veto any decision Stephen makes .

So as has been documented in Obama first two years his policies were shaped by his less than honest advisors who had their own agendas such as Larry Summers and his insistence that Wall Street needed to be defended and bailed out with no strings attached and to hell with average Americans who lost money, jobs, homes , retirement funds . Summers reasoning is like all the Big Crooks and thugs who run Wall Street that like a Casino the House always in the end wins which is apt since Wall Street became a Big Casino and Obama has refused to prosecute the hundreds of members of that elite who committed fraud on a grande scale -so much for Obama and the rule of law. In Obama's elitist world the Rule of Law only applies to the poor and the downtrodden and not to those in his view those exceptional people who help the US government run the country its military and economy and who bully the rest of the world to toe the line for the Elite's own benefit.

Watching president Obama the last five years we see how he changed from being a liberal and moderate progressive to become just another Conservative pro-elite pro-status quo

Today's Topics

* Topics Kerry and Obama should be asked about while visiting the Middle East
* While condemning Bashar Assad for War Crimes and Crimes against humanity why doesn't USA bring its hosts of War Criminals to trial???
* Why is the USA wantonly still killing civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia etc. as US troops did in Iraq from 2003 -2011 ???
*why has the US not placed sanctions on Bahrain and other nations such as Saudi Arabia for human rights violations including torture and murder and outlawing free speech and the freedom to protest ???

Of course part of the answer is that many of the actions and accusations made against Bashar Assad or the Al-Khalifa Monarchy or even the House of Saud or for that matter Israel are crimes that the USA under George W. Bush and under President Obama have become the norm from imprisoning Whistleblowers to defending Indefinite Detentions, renditions, targeted assassinations , attacking critics as being traitors or unAmerican or anti-American, using local police forces to shut down peaceful protests by allowing them to use excessive force and mass arrests and a campaign of spying on activists and using disinformation to undermine support for the protesters ie The Occupy Wall Street Movement .

Saudi Arabia spilling blood in Bahrain and in its own country .
American support for House of Saud like its support for Israel is unconditional so both countries can ignore human rights or "the Rule of Law " and common decency as long as they play nice with America.

Shiites protest in Saudi Arabia demanding equal rights with Sunni Saudis . Saudis can get away with denying human rights and civil rights to Shiites and others in Saudi Arabia in large part because they are supported by President Obama and previous US administrations.America

'House of Saud must stop spilling blood'

Published on 20 Feb 2013
A political analyst tells Press TV that Al Saud should realize that some serious action must be taken immediately in recognizing all the rights and treating the Saudi people all equally and try to release all the prisoners.

The comments came after Saudi demonstrators took to the streets in the eastern city of Qatif to condemn the recent detention of protesters in the country. The demonstrators chanted slogans against the ruling monarch and denounced the suppression of the protests in the oil-rich Eastern Province.

Interview with Redwan Rizk.

'Al Khalifa committing war crimes'
Published on 27 Feb 2013

A political analyst says that Bahrain's Al Khalifa monarchy is committing serious crimes in the tiny Persian Gulf State.

The comments came after Bahrainis staged demonstrations to protest against the authorities' refusal to hand over the body of a protester killed by regime forces last week. Scores of Bahrainis took to the streets in Sanabis, Samaheej and Sitra on Tuesday to urge the authorities to hand over the body of Mahmood Isa Al Jaziri.

Interview with Kamel Wazne.

Rule of Silence: Is there freedom of speech in Bahrain?

Published on 9 Feb 2013

Skepticism and mistrust appears prevalent in Bahrain, with talks between the opposition and the government set to resume on Sunday, aimed at breaking the political deadlock. Activists blame the authorities for gagging the voices of protest, while officials insist they've made more than enough concessions. RT's Alexey Yaroshevsky reports on freedom of speech, or lack of, in Bahrain

President Obama and now Secretary of State John Kerry share the blame and the shame for protecting brutal, authoritarian Corrupt Al-Khalifa Regime in the Kingdom of Bahrain and similar regimes in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE etc.

Is it possible that American politicians and government representative are in awe of all Monarchs - Just wondering do Americans in general or at least their elites still wish they had a King or Queen. Some have suggested that's why so many Americans are obsessed with the British Royal Family from the late Princess Diana, to Fergi to Prince Andrew . So is this why they rarely take on countries ruled by self-proclaimed Kings .

Stories Of Arrests and Torture IN Bahrian
Despite the Wounds Part 3 The Aoun Family Bahrain

America is now coming clean and is now going to publicly support extremists and Al Qaida fanatics and foreign Jihadists and Mujaheddin in Syria as they did in Libya who want to establish just a different flavor of authoritarianism in their respective countries .
America will surely interfere if the people of Syria refuse to accept whomever is to be their puppet regime in Syria .
When the rebels became violent and more non-Syrians joined the fight the more moderate pro-reform pro-democracy groups and individuals feeling betrayed by the USA, the Western powers and Saudi Arabia left the streets and returned to their neighborhoods and homes in fear of the rebel extremists. This was basically the same scenario which took place in Libya because the moderate factions could not be trusted by the USA and NATO to cooperate and do as the US and NATO told them to do.

Kerry and Obama Still hyping nonsense about Iran
Kerry threatens war with Iran -
Kerry has changed since his anti-Vietnam war days

Kerry: U.S. won't leave Syrian rebels dangling
Published on 26 Feb 2013

John Kerry's first trip as U.S. Secretary of State begins with assurances for Syrian rebels of U.S. support. For more CNN videos, visit our site at

Syria Kerry giving financial help to Syrian Rebels even though the rebels include Taliban, Al-Qaida and other extremists.
America ignores atrocities committed by rebels in Syria

Nusra Front sees Islamic state in Syria

Published on 9 Jan 2013

Al Jazeera has obtained rare access to rebel fighters of the Nusra Front, which has been carrying out attacks on Al-Nyrab military airport near Aleppo as part of its fight to topple the government of President Bashar al-Assad.
The US has blacklisted the group, calling it an al-Qaeda-linked organisation. The fighters say they want to establish an Islamic state in Syria.
Al Jazeera's Hashem Ahelbarra reports.

US pledges first direct aid to Syria rebel fighters February 28, 2013 -The Daily Star, Feb. 28, 2013

The United States said on Thursday it would for the first time provide direct aid to Syrian rebels, but not the arms they had hoped for, as well as $60 million in extra assistance to the political opposition.

After talks with European and Arab partners and the opposition National Coalition in Rome, Secretary of State John Kerry said the United States would provide aid to fighters in the form of food and medical assistance.

The move was a significant shift in US policy but fell short of rebel demands for Western backers to supply the rebellion with weapons or non-offensive military equipment, such as vehicles and body armour.

Coalition chief Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib, who stood beside Kerry as he made the announcement, expressed disappointment, suggesting the West was overly focused on the presence of Islamists among rebels.

He also complained about weapons continuing to reach the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Kerry's statement that the US won't leave Syrian rebels dangling brings to mind what the Americans told the Kurds and Shia when the US invaded Iraq in 1991 in the Gulf War. The US encouraged the Kurds to rise up against Saddam and they did but the US backed off and did nothing to prevent Saddam from slaughtering Kurds by tens of thousands. The Kurds were left to be slaughtered by Saddam because they were a people without power and therefore of little use to the Americans.

The USA and other nations did not merely refuse to help the Kurds but took steps to cover up what was happening and refused to call these massacres either ethnic cleansing or Genocide.

The Americans and others were aware that Saddam had been using mustard gas and nerve agents on rebels and on citizens but did nothing about it because Saddam was involved for 8 years fighting a proxy war on behalf of the USA against Iran. Saddam used massive amounts of Gas and nerve agents on the Iranians while Washington erroneously blamed Iranians for also using gas.

The Iranians after Saddam used gas on their troops and civilians they asked for a ruling from the religious leaders about the use of Gas or other WMDs the Mullah's issued a fatwa against the use of any WMDs including Gas or nuclear weapons.

The USA and other Western nations supplied Saddam with WMDs such as Mustard Gas and nerve agents and conventional weapons on a grand scale.

The US wanted Iraq to keep Iran busy and to weaken it in preparation then as now for an American invasion or bombing campaign. This didn't happen because Iran was not weakened by the 8 year war but rather the Iranian people like others when attacked by a foreign nation rallied round the flag as they say and dug in and doubled down .

Now in 2013 30 years later sanctions on Iran have had no real effect in part because many Iranians resent America's interference in their countries politics as they did when for 26 years the US propped up the brutal dictator the Shah of Iran. Ben Afleck and George Clooney may think the Shah was a good guy but he wasn't and the CIA as usual only cared about America's interest and didn't give a flying fig about the Iranian people anymore than they do now about the peoples of Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Yemen, Somalia, Jordan, Afghanistan or Pakistan etc.

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