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War On Women: Death Of Savita Halappanavar & Austin Texas Petitions For Succession From Texas To Join The Union? & Limbaugh Single Handidly Lost The Election

Is there any truth to the assertion by Rush Limbaugh that he is being accused or will be accused for single-handidly lost the election for Mitt Romney and the Republican Party?

Is he just delusional or a megalomaniac or seeking more notoriety or doing this to keep his ratings up ? If his "dittohead" fact challenged followers believe he is that powerful or that influential or viewed as a major threat by the Republican Party establishment then this would lend credence to his importance and to his own personal integrity since the establishment are far too willing to compromise according to this twisted point of view.they will keep listening to him

The Republicans are still in turmoil and shock to have lost even though they thought the Fix was in due to their various unethical quasi-legal dirty tricks and such. So they are looking for people to blame from the Black and Latino and female voters who voted for Obama or Colin Powell for his support for Obama which the GOP just says is really to do with race as with all those "Urbanites" code for Blacks who voted for Obama.

It is possible that due to the illegal and unethical manner the Republican Party and its Karl Rovian operatives interfered with the election process that some 2 million American voters if not a great deal more were not given the opportunity to register to vote or to cast their votes or were told they could cast a provisional ballot and hundreds of thousands of ballots may have been illegally or at least unethically tossed out by Republican operatives.

Rush Limbagh: 'I Am the Primary Reason' Mitt Romney Lost
David Pakman Show Published on Nov 14, 2012 by MidweekPolitics
--Rush Limbaugh says that he is the primary reason that Mitt Romney lost.

Over 31 states in America have presented petitons to the federal government to seccede from the union while claiming to be the Real Patriots who respect the Founding Fathers and the Constitution and like to remind everyone that their party the Republican party is the party of Lincoln
(Don't laugh they are like Sheldon Ironically impaired)

Meanwhile in a clever and somewhat humorous counter move the city of Austin Texas has presented the federal government with a petition to allow Austin Texas to be able to secede from the state of Texas and remain part of the United States.

Austin Files Petition to Secede from Texas, If Texas Secedes from US
Sam Seder of The Majority ReportNov. 15, 2012

The recent case in Ireland in which a woman who's life was in danger was denied an abortion which ultimately led to her death illustrate in a very stark and real way what the Republicans want to do in America by passing various forms of legislation to make abortions almost impossible though their long game is to over turn SCOTUS Roe V Wade 1973 which essentially made abortion legal in the USA .

Update War on Women: Ireland's NO Exception Abortion Laws

Woman Dies Due to Abortion Ban: "We Are A Catholic Country"
Published on Nov 15, 2012 by SamSeder Majority Report
Ireland's abortion ban has come into major scrutiny after 31 year old woman has died. Savita Halappanavar was denied a life-saving abortion and died of blood poisoning at Galway University hospital.

And even though the election is barely over Ohio Legislators are using the "lame Duck Session" to pass laws making it more difficult to get an abortion but are also designed so that it will lead to a court challenge they hope going all the way to the Supreme Court in hopes that Roe V Wade would be declared unconstitutional.

Ohio Legislature Seeks to Punish Women with Unconstitutional Bills During Lame Duck Session by Robin Marty, Senior Political Reporter, RH Reality Check November 13, 2012

...a "compromise" may have been reached between Ohio's anti-choice activist groups Ohio Right to Life and Faith2Action on the long blocked "heartbeat ban" that would make abortion illegal from the moment an embryonic heartbeat can be detected.

That compromise? Make it even more restrictive.

The "heartbeat ban" was always intended to be unconstitutional. The extreme group Faith2Action proposed it as a way to invoke a challenge to Roe v. Wade, allowing a possibility for the case to work its way through the court systems and end up in front of the Supreme Court. Ohio Right to Life, on the other hand, urged caution, worried that if the case made it all the way up the ladder, Roe would be reaffirmed rather than overturned.

Rumor has it that caution has been thrown out the window. Although previously anti-choice politicians showed reluctance to write a law so destined for a court challenge, now they have decided that rather than write a more constitutional bill, they will instead break it into pieces. Should the bill fail to overcome a legal challenge, the unconstitutional aspects of it can be dropped, and a defanged, more moderate set of pre-termination restrictions will remain instead.

With that sort of "get out of jail free" card attached, the bill's backers have allegedly decided to go all out when it comes to unconstitutional abortion bans. According to speculation from multiple sources, rather than just banning abortion at the point of a heartbeat—which could be as much as 4 weeks post conception—they have chosen to write the bill so abortion is banned at conception itself. Should that be struck down by the courts, the ban would revert to the heartbeat as it was originally proposed. If the courts strike that down, then the law would default to a trigger law that would go into effect if Roe ever is overturned, banning abortion at any point and for any reason. Until that goes into effect, women would still be required to have a forced ultrasound prior to terminating a pregnancy, and be forced to listen to the embryonic heartbeat before having an abortion.

The actual bill hasn't yet been introduced for Thursday's senate session. Those who support abortion rights have noted that the anti-choice political groups have been playing it close to the vest, not wanting to unveil too soon a bill that most believe they have been working on quietly and out of sight while the bulk of attention has been on the 2012 election.

"We knew all along that the bill was still alive," state Senator Nina Turner told RH Reality Check. "It's crystal clear what they are doing. They have been working on this all this time and here it is. They are following through on everything they said they would."

Senate Leader Tom Niehaus may have blocked the original "heartbeat ban" from coming out of committee prior to the election, but now that he is finishing his final days in the senate and the contentious 2012 elections are over, he's ready to take the ban up.

"I'm not surprised," said Turner, who said Neihaus never actually spoke out against the ban while he was blocking it. "This has always been on their agenda. They are very shrewd, they took this behind the scenes while we waged this fierce battle

Even though the Republican pro-life champions of "personhood" party did not win the national election don't take it for granted that the War on Women and their reproductive rights . In Palin Land that is Alaska the government there has done all it can to prevent women with having easy access to have an abortion.

Eight Clinics, One Plane, and a Vast Number Of Reasons It's So Difficult to Get an Abortion In Alaska by Robin Marty, Senior Political Reporter, RH Reality Check November 13, 2012

Tomorrow magazine profiles a woman's attempt to obtain an abortion in Alaska, showing the perils of trying to balance privacy and convenience in accessing safe abortion care. The author discovers her pregnancy at just five weeks, yet by the time she is finally able to end it, she is nine weeks along. In Alaska, an abortion requires far more than just the surgery; it also means airplane tickets, multiple appointments scheduled and rescheduled, and finally a trip to a private doctor. It didn't have to be that way, but a combination of limited clinics in a vast geographic area, the fact that only a handful of practitioners are willing to provide abortions, and restrictive rules governing safe medication abortion all make what could be a very simple process overly burdensome.

...With a nearly $700 bill for an abortion, not including her plane ticket to the clinic, Annoymous incurred well over $1000 so as not to be forced to be pregnant for longer than she wanted to be. For women in Alaska without financial means, those expenses would be nearly impossble. Yet the state continues to try to find ways to block even more low income women from using state funding for any abortion coverage.
Will the redefinition of a "medically necessary abortion" come up before the 2013 legislature as it has in the past? For the sake of Alaskan women, lets hope not.

And shaming young girls for using Family Planning Services for contraception and even medical purposes such as a yeast infection is the extremes to which the pro-personhood movement has been and is willing to go. As Robin Marty explains the pro-life mevement is not just about preventing abortions but also is trying to make all forms of birth control illegal.

The Pro-lifers show their true colors as they protest and pray outside a Family Services center where no abortions are performed though the center does give out advice to women about birth control methods and take care of women's health in general.

They Are Coming for Your Birth Control: Bless Me, Father, For I Have Sinned... and Need Monistat by Robin Marty, Senior Political Reporter, RH Reality Check November 12, 2012

Wausau, Wisconsin, doesn't have a clinic that provides abortion services. But that doesn't mean anti-choice protesters in the community are willing to bypass the tradition that is the "40 Days for Life" vigil, a twice-yearly event where religious advocates try to pray to "end abortion."

No, in Wausau, they simply took their protest to the sidewalk in front of Family Planning Services. Those services? Birth control, WIC distribution, STI screenings.
Oh, and basic health care, too...

...Those who protested the clinic see it as just as "dangerous" as those that provide abortions. According to the participants (members of Pro-Life Wisconsin, of course), the fact that they allow contraception at all, especially to teens, shows they are willfully promoting illicit, illegal behavior.

"State financing of Family Planning Health Services isn't just a failed policy, however. It's also a policy that encourages illegal behavior. The age of sexual consent in Wisconsin is 16. Yet FPHS proudly distributes contraception to kids as young as 15..."

So as we see in the article refered to below according to Cardinal Timothy Dolan president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops it is not just abortions that they are against but also all forms of birth control. They want to ensure that birth-control is not readily available from the birth control pill to condoms to the morning after pill and abortions.

and also see:

Catholic bishop vows to keep fighting birth-control mandate By Sam Baker at The Hill - 11/13/12

Catholics won't stop fighting the Obama administration's contraception mandate, Cardinal Timothy Dolan reportedly said Tuesday.

The Associated Press reported that Dolan, the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, said the church will not comply with the mandate and will continue challenging it in court.

Churches and houses of worship are exempt from the administration's policy requiring employers to include contraception in their employees' healthcare plans. The White House has also made a more nuanced "accommodation" for religious-affiliated employers, such as Catholic hospitals and universities.

In a series of lawsuits challenging the contraception policy, critics argue that any employer should be able to opt out of the mandate based on their religious beliefs, even if their business isn't at all connected to a religious organization.

The birth-control policy created a short but intense political headache for the Obama administration last year as Catholic leaders, including Dolan, said the White House was forcing them to pay for a product they find immoral.

But after announcing accommodations for religious-affiliated employers, Obama seemed to regain the political upper hand on the issue by shifting the debate away from religious liberty and toward women's health. He campaigned aggressively on the contraception policy this year as part of a push for female voters.
and so it goes,

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