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Violent Pro-Life Movement And Florida Voting Disaster & Romney's Lack of Ethics & Vote Rigging & GOP Alternate Universe


First here is a little video we put together hope it is OK and if not instructive is at least entertaining

War On Women : Abortion & Pro-Life Advocates

Published on Nov 4, 2012 by Gord's Poetry Factory & Gord's
Pro-Life Advocates and Activists Violent Rhetoric Leads To Condoning Acts Of Domestic Terrorism IN America For Educational Purposes

GOP In Florida Denying Citizens Their Right To Vote

Rachel Maddow GOP Using Dirty Tricks To Win in Florida

November 3, 2012 by The Rachel Maddow Show
Florida Suffers Under Manmade Voting Disaster (via

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'Alternate Reality' Zone: Republicans Predict Landslide, Fudge Facts, LIE, Unskew Polls  

Mitt Romney still thinks its an oddity for women to have to work let alone choose to work. In his privileged world women don't work unless they have to or they might choose to be active in various charity organizations .

Melissa Harris Perry: "Privileges Of Patriarchy" Still Seductive To Some Women MSNBC's Melissa Harris Perry: "I'm convinced there's a group of women for whom the so-called privileges of patriarchy are still quite seductive.

The idea of what you need is sort of a strong man who will just sort of give you cover. 'Don't worry, honey, I know you don't want to work.' Right? Rather than a sense of, again, that full citizen equality, which is in part about the ability not to just make health choices for yourself, but economic choices for yourself."

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Lawrence O'Donnell : The Last Word  The most lied about Obama statements is that "you didn't build that". President Obama's comments about the role of government and other citizens. A business needs the overall infrastructure inorder to survive and thrive . Such infrastructure Romney/Ryan and the GOP call spending on infrastructure on rads, bridges, dyke, sea-walls, breakwaters and so forth.

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Republican attempts to use various means to skewer the voting or tabulating of ballots in Mitt Romney's favor.

To the GOP a win is a win no matter how the win was achieved . So whether its sports or elections its not how you play the game but whether or not you win or lose. I believe this has been true for a large segment of the American and Canadian population as well to encourage people to win at any costs or by any or all means necessary and that this applies not just to elections or sports but also all human endeavors . It is the winner takes all and f... the losers mentality which is at the base of American and Canadian society.  

  So Mitt Romney's way of doing business deals in which he shuts down companies and makes a profit for himself by doing so and by firing large numbers of employees and shipping jobs overseas is to some of us an unethical way to earn one's living as opposed to working to save a failing company or to replace it with a company that will do better and which can rehire those who have lost their jobs.

   In the business world of Mitt Romney and the Wall Street thugs communities and workers are of little interests beyond using them to make outrageous and immoral ,unethical , unjust profits while showing no concern for those being fired or for those who keep their jobs but no longer being paid a fair wage.

   GOP vote count strategery: Rules is rules by digby at Hullabaloo, Nov. 5, 2012

I certainly hope that the polling results in Ohio are correct and that President Obama has a nice cushion because if he doesn't, and it comes down to that state, this is going to be a problem: With just a few dozen hours left before polls open on Election Day, here is a candidate for the most important election-law story of the weekend -- a story likely to cross over into the general political debate Sunday through Monday.  

This early copy from the Associated Press offered a hint: COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Voter advocates are criticizing an order by Ohio's elections chief dealing with the casting of provisional ballots.  

Advocates are saying on Saturday that the order by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted late Friday wrongly puts the burden of recording the form of ID used on a provisional ballot on voters, not pollworkers  

.... Here's what happened.  
On Thursday, voting-rights advocates filed an "emergency motion" with a federal trial judge seeking his reassurance that provisional ballots in Ohio will be judged by the standard he endorsed (and Ohio reportedly agreed to) in a recent consent decree. That standard, the plaintiffs say, is "that a provisional-ballot form that has incomplete or improperly completed information regarding the type of identification proffered by a voter should be counted pursuant" to Ohio law, which, they say, makes the poll worker responsible for taking down the information. ... Ohio has not yet responded to it with a filing in court -- the state's deadline is Monday.  

But it was a full day after this motion was filed that the secretary of state, at 6 p.m. on the Friday before the election, issued his contrary directive, the text of which you can read in this timely piece by Judd Legum. The issuance of the directive in turn prompted lawyers for the plaintiffs in the case to go back to U.S. District Judge Algenon Marbley with an even more urgent request, filed late Friday evening:

This new Directive makes an affirmative change to the previous provisional ballot counting standard, beyond what was required to comply with this Court's and the Sixth Circuit's recent orders. Instead, contrary to this Court's October 26, 2012 decision, the Secretary's representations to this Court on October 24, 2012, and the Constitution, the Secretary is now ordering that county boards of election must reject provisional ballots when the identification information contained in Step 2 of the ballot affirmation form 12-B is incomplete.  

The contours of the legal dispute aren't narrowing, as some legal disputes do at this stage of an election contest, but instead are growing. They are growing because the secretary of state has just doubled down on his position about incomplete provisional ballots. If he was wrong on Thursday, you could say, he was even more wrong on Friday. And that will likely mean a Monday ruling* from Judge Marbley which will then be appealed into Tuesday (and beyond) to the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Folks, the legal fight for Ohio's votes is already here and here to stay. If you're a worrywart like me, you'll click over and read all the gory details.

Here's the thing. The Republicans have already signaled their strategy:


I'm clearing my calendar just in case I need to be ready for the next five weeks.

JOHNS: He says if elections officials want to avoid litigation, they shouldn't change direction in the middle of the game.

OLSON: If you follow the rules that were in place on Election Day with respect to counting the ballots, then the presumptive outcome will be respected when the Electoral College votes are counted.

Let's hope Obama's lead is too big for any of these shennanigans to be worthwhile.

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