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Republican Voter Suppression Strategy a Symptom of The Rot Begun By President Bush Which Has Trickled Down To An Attack On The Right To Vote Let Alone Protest

Just came across this video on voter suppression which has been an ongoing strategy of the Republican party since these supposedly "Real Americans" and the most patriotic who claim to be committed to democracy and the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights and yet do all they can to prevent those who may not vote for the Republican party. So the long lines and other confusion at the polls was a deliberate part of the Mitt Romney campaign. And Obama has said he will do something about this but will he or is he too ensconsed in the establishment to take bold action.

Unfortunately those who are concerned about the issue such as rachell maddow are reluctant to accept that these problems have been deliberately created by operatives and consultants within the Republican party. Others who should be insisting that this level of corruption of the democratic political process in America are not as "fired-up" about it since their candidate president Obama has won despite all of the ongoing dirty tricks of the Republican party.

These dirty tricks are sometimes given a legal veneer like they did under Bush to get away with using torture and deliberately dragging their nation into an unnecessary unwinable war. That is even though Obama and some of his supporters have argued that the US won the war in Iraq when infact US troops left Iraq because the Iraqi government insisted they leave or if not the troops would be treated essentially as foreign invaders and as criminals by the Iraqi state and its courts.

For some mysterious reason the Obama administration refused to label the Bush administration as a criminal organization which abused its power and authority. And now President Obama has another chance to this time do the right thing and investigate thorougly with the power to suboena witnesses and to be able to hold them in contempt if they refuse to show up or if they are in fact uncooperative and do as Condi Rice and Yoo and others did before not really answer any question directly or truthfully see after this video.

How Lawyers without any personal integrity or ethics use a form of legaleese or abuse normal common sense language usage to baffle average people and in these cases members of Congress as if those members were naive or had no traing in the law or had never practiced law. As the saying goes "Bullshit Baffles brains" the three "Bs".

Then again if America were truly a just society based upon common decency and the rule of law the present administration would have formally charged all those responsible from George W. Bush to John Yoo and Condi Rice, Bybee , Rumsfeld, Cheney , Karl Rove and any agency such as the CIA and the Pentagon who aided and abetted what constitute War Crimes, and crimes against humanity and other criminal actions as defined by International Law.

But then again since Obama won the election will he now be able to spend time reflecting on America's criminal actions under International Law which it has been involved in since 2001 . Will Obama in an act of good faith release Bradley Manning who has done a great and heroic act on behalf of the American people and in agreement with International Law and will stop persecuting Julianne Assange and Wikileaks or will he just order a "hit " on Assange since he believes he has the power to do this on his own as president.

The point here is that the American system is becoming less and less democratic and more and more corrupt and criminal in its behaviour lacking a common sense and a commitment to justice even when this may be difficult and a hardship which the American government and justice system and its citizens must confron before even more criminal acts are committed. If lying to go to war is OK then there is is very little incentive to run a political campaign in a legal and ethical manner. So the Republicans if the allegations are true can not be condemned or judged for abusing the democratic process in an election.

If torture and Wars of Aggression are permitted then what limits can be imposed on any action committed by the Federal government or state governments or either political party. Either judge and condemn all such criminal activities or just stop pretending to believe in real justice and common decency .

This has also slowly but surely trickled down to the state and federal penetenteries and even to the local police as we have seen police acting as if they can do as they please and they are no longer accountable since they have been given carte blanche by the mayors and governors of the various states which have been given tacit approval by the Congress the Supreme Court and the White House.

Hearing on Torture with Addington & Yoo: Conyers' Questions

Uploaded by raphi72 on Jun 29, 2008
Rep. Stephen Cohen asks Deputy Assistant Atty. General John Yoo about his torture memos. Questions focused on the witnesses' participation in the drafting of legal memos relating to the president's constitutional authority to authorize the interrogation techniques used at Guantanamo Bay and the legality of those techniques.

Given how John Yoo during this inquiry in the use of "torture" obstructed justice and held the congress in contempt in legal terms or in ordinary language Yoo and Rice and others including Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld etc. showed unabashed disdain for the Congress and the legislative branch of the government and therefore in effect contempt and didain for the American people.

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