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Re-electing Notorious Racist Sheriff Arpaio & The On Going Election Fiasco In The U.S.A.

Though sheriff Arpaio and his politically corrupt and racist friends have also managed to get re-elected in large part to on going voter suppression the movement to remove him from office continues based on his racial profiling and questionable police activities and accusations of tolerating police brutality and poor to inhumane treatment of prisoners in his tent city in the hot Arizona desert.

Arpaio was even proud to have served baloney sandwiches which had been turning green and proud of his use of chain gangs and making all male prisoners wear pink underwear which he thinks is funny. Any municipal or state official who speaks out against him often lose their jobs and/or are arrested for minor infractions . He sees nothing wrong with keeping the entire Latino population in his jurisdiction living in fear even if they had not broken any laws .

Meanwhile Sheriff Arpaio obsessed with illegal-immigrants neglects other on going crimes whether murders or robberies or sex crimes . He is too busy setting up check points to harass mainly non-whites and doing massive seeps through residential areas using his posse of over 300 officers merely to further intimidate these communities so that they have become afraid to go to the media or to the Feds to make complaints. Even if they do those complains are more often than not ignored because those agents of the FBI or other federal agencies approve of what Arpaio is doing or are afraid to take him on .

Sheriff Arpaio's newest obsession has been as a "Birther" investigating whether or not Obama is legally an American citizen.

Even president Obama, Joe Biden, Hilary Clinton, Eric Holder appear to be afraid to even criticize Arpaio let alone insist on an in depth substantive investigation of Arpaio or his backers in government and at the powerful Well Fargo and its Wall St. backers..

Unfortunately this is how most republicans and conservative Democrats believe that all other police chiefs and departments should be doing ti impose law and order on the citizens of the USA especially those who are not white and to hell with old antiquated and as George W. Bush and his posse would say quaint legal restrictions such as the US Constitution , the Bill of rights and constitutional amendments. It puts Obama in a difficult situation since he has done nothing to seriously investigate the heavy-handed police response to the #OWS Occupy protesters across the USA over the past year and there are some who believe Obama gave the Green light to these police departments to do as they pleased short of killing large numbers of protesters.

Sheriff Arpaio 432 Sex Crimes Ignored - 432 Victims Silenced (Mirror)

Published on Nov 7, 2012 by TheBadcop69

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Sheriff Arpaio's MCSO failed to investigate 432 sex crimes. Want more information about his massive failure? You can learn more here:

Maddow Arizona's election broken on purpose -Nov. 12, 2012

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More on Arpaio below my commentary on the U.S. fiasco of an election .

Notorious racist anti-immigrant Sheriff Arpaio of Arizona has supposedly been re-elected .

"Supposedly" meaning he claimed victory even though several hundred thousand ballots have not been counted and may have been or will be tossed into the garbage because most of these ballots are provisional ballots. It is a serious matter legally and ethically when someone who thinks they have registered to vote goes to vote and they are informed at the last minute they are not registered but may fill out a provisional ballot which may or may not be counted.

That's democracy 101 in the USA that is passing voter regulations which rather than helping people to register to vote as has been done in other democratic countries or to actually cast a ballot instead in the USA regulations are passed to make registering to vote and casting a ballot ignoring even common sense as difficult and as complicated and as even arbitrary as possible. Besides these provisional ballots which may or may not be counted there were a large number of voters who didn't cast their ballots because of a deliberate effort on the part of the Arizona government purposefully to give out "accidentally on purpose" misinformation such as that the polls would be open a day after the election was held so who knows how many people fell for this tactic or others including the long lines at the polling stations in which people would be in line anywhere from 4 to 9 hours.

In fact who knows how many potential voters after standing in line for hours may have just given up and went home without casting a ballot or who just seeing the lines on TV were dissuaded them from voting . Democrats and anyone who supports the very idea of democracy should want more objective and closer scrutiny of the election process and making it more transparent and accountable not just in Arizona but throughout the United States.

The fiasco we have seen via television and on the net on Twitter ,Facebook and at Youtube etc you would think would shame the American public into taking substantive measures to develop a national set of rules to make elections fairer and more transparent across the nation. This fiasco should be seen as an embarrassment to the U.S. government and to the media and public instead it is more often joked about than taken as a serious issue.

The point being it does not matter which party across the nation in a particular region or state is found to be guilty of undermining election results and the election process because without such genuine scrutiny during or after an election the ideal of democracy has no real validity since anyone can put the fix in and get away with it. There is as has been said no point in laws which are either unenforceable or which there is no genuine intention to enforce them in the first place.

So granting citizens the right to vote becomes meaningless if they in fact are unable to vote due to unnecessary regulations which are aimed to stop certain groups from voting because they may vote in a way contrary to what those in power want.

Who is afraid of Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

Video Uploaded by Dennis Gilman on Feb 4, 2012 On January 31

After being denied the opportunity to comment on agenda items concerning Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Citizens for a better Arizona (CBA) walked out of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors meeting.

The boards Chairman Max Wilson, a loyal supporter of Arpaio, changed the rules so no agenda items were allowed direct public response. Even when it was discovered 100 million tax dollars were misspent, incest victims (as young as 2 years old) cases were closed without investigation and racial profiling reached historic levels, The republican supervisors are afraid (to) the challenge Arpaio. In Arizona, to go up against Arpaio means your political career is over (if you are a republican). It also has meant that you, your family and career could be threatened.

ARREST ARPAIO/Occupy Arpaio Uploaded by Dennis Gilman on Jan 16, 2012

In the first of what the Puente Movement pledges to be bi-monthly rallies until the Sheriff is brought to justice, people rallied in Cesar Chavez Park across the street from the Wells Fargo Building that houses the offices of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. They marched to Arpaio's 4th Avenue Jail, protesting the murder of Marty Atencio, a veteran suffering from a bipolar condition who was brutally attacked and beaten to death by Sheriff Arpaio's guards and the Phoenix PD. This happened on December 15, less then 24 hours after Arpaio was served notice from the DOJ.

The Puente Movement has held rallies and marches against the Sheriff since February of 2009. Now, in the wake of the recent news of the 432 children of El Mirage who suffered sexual abuse without investigation due to the Sheriff's neglect, the DOJ report that affirmed that Sheriff Arpaio's office is the worst purveyor of racial profiling investigators have ever seen, and the recent jailhouse murder of Marty Atencio, the non-partisan organization is calling for the arrest of the Sheriff and calling for all the Sheriff's supporters and collaborators to heed the moral responsibility to cut their ties.

Diana Perez of Puente announced, "In the face of such blatant injustice, we all have a moral responsibility to do whatever is in our power to stop Sheriff Arpaio's abuses. To stand idly by is to be complicit in the suffering in Maricopa County and every county where Arizonification has turned public servants into political sadists like Arpaio."

As for Arpaio and the " birther " movement he gets more notoriety and distracts from his own criminal activity and contravening American and international law while making money on fueling conspiracy theories and selling food to inmates .And the more inmates he has the more money he receives for his Prison Complex For Profit

Sheriff Arpaio profiting from birther battle?

and more fun with the stereotypical toughest inhumane unjust Sheriff in America who lives up and beyond his stereotype in the name of publicity and the big bucks through government and Well Fargo :

Ruby Wax talks to Sheriff Joe Arpaio about his harsh policies

Nov. 14, 2012

Arpaio proud of his inhumane treatment of prisoners and making them pay for their food. It's all about the money. He also admits he's like to make the living conditions even worse than they are to punish these criminals in the way that they should be

Sheriff Joe Arpaio talks to Ruby Wax about prisoner humiliation

and so it goes,

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