Monday, November 12, 2012

Republican Calls Obama Voters " Maggots "

Well it appears the Republicans are once again bad losers who are showing their disdain for all those UnAmerican American citizens who voted for more socialism and collectivism and for the Anti-Christ himself to rule America and the world.

They are hoping mad after spending a billion dollars or more and training their goons to make sure the election was in the bag more voters showed up at the polls and in F...U mood stood their ground literally by stubbornly waiting in line up to 9 hours or so to vote not fro the angry white guys party but for President Obama once again just to piss these guys off anticipating with glee Karl Rove's big head exploding and Michael Savage and Limbaugh and Glenn Beck blaming the Chinese communist and the Soviet operatives who have been working under cover since the Vietnam war .

It is a bit funny but also sad and sobering because some of their unhinged followers may take some sort violent reaction ala Dr. Strangelove or Red Dawn .

But America has seen its tragedies on at least a yearly basis as right wing domestic terrorist murder and maim and fire bomb and turn buildings into rubble and people they hate into victims of the not just the loony fringe but of those even Honourable good Americans on the right who believe only they and they alone should be permitted to govern in America.

The very idea of a black president is at odds with their narrow bigoted world view as they had hoped to further disenfranchise all Blacks and other minorities and gays and liberal women who don't know what's good for them.

As we were told as children its all fun and games til someone loses an eye -in this case let us hope that the FBI and others are on high alert cause these Repugs are not joking and as I have said before they never were - When Barry Goldwater said Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice these true believers took this as their creed and motto so they have never since then see anything wrong with getting elected even if they do so illegally and unethically since democracy is just a word they drag out just before an election .

For instance in this article we are told about a Republican who has called all those who voted for Obama "Maggots" well that should endear theses voters to in the next elections 2010 & 2016 to switch their votes to the Republicans and they wonder why they keep losing . Michael Savage said Obama rigged the election others will claim it was the Muslim Botherhood or the Illuminati and David Icks Lizard People led by the Queen of England and the Dali Lama .

Texas Republican Says ‘Maggots’ Re-elected Obama  Posted by John Viall at Blog Addicting Info ,Nov. 11.2012

Let’s be sympathetic, now. America’s red-state patriots are having a tough time these last few days. Watching FOX News on election night, for example, a liberal might have been forgiven for assuming Megyn Kelly was undergoing an on-air colonoscopy.
 She looked that grim.
 Meanwhile, Karl Rove couldn’t believe his lying eyes. When Ohio went blue, you thought Brit Hume might have to use a stun gun to silence the gibbering fool.

On talk radio the morning of November 7th, Rush Limbaugh had to break the bad news to all patriotic Dittoheads: the black guy was still in the White House. The “entitlement class,” he grumbled, had spoken. The “takers” had elected Obama. Now the “makers” would suffer hideous fates…like seeing their marginal tax rates rise by 3%! Maybe a whole 5%!
 On Thursday, Michael Savage assured listeners that, no, their side didn’t lose. Obama had sinister ties to some computer company somewhere that somehow allowed him to rig the election and turn reliable red votes blue. Only Savage, Savage noted, was reporting the story. Something to do with the liberal media bias. Or Hitler. Or unicorns.
 Down in Texas, Peter Morrison, a Hardin County Republican and county treasurer wanted no part of the awful news. A Tea Party stalwart and Ron Paul supporter, Mr. Morrison wanted to know: “Why should Vermont and Texas live under the same government?”
 “Let each go her own way,” Morrison said, invoking the spirit of an earlier age (not 1776, exactly, but more like 1860). If the “maggots” voted for Obama, let those “maggots” suffer the consequences. He really called his countrymen that. By “maggots,” Morrison meant Asian Americans and Hispanics who cast ballots for President Obama and carried him to victory.
 Bud Kennedy, writing for the Fort-Worth Star-Telegram broke the story first, adding this reassuring note: “Oh, did I mention that Morrison was chosen by former State Board of Education Chairman Don McLeory to help screen Texas public school textbooks?” That ought to make us feel better, don’t you think? A great guy like Morrison helping decide what Texas public school students learn.
 So, how did the GOP lose? Did it have anything to do with the fact that they didn’t turn out their own side? In 2008 John McCain lost the popular vote by ten million, 69-59. Now, four years later, with Republicans poised, according to all their own pundits, for a landslide win, and Obama actually losing 8 million votes, they pulled in only 58 million themselves. In fact, it might salve Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s wounds and sober the right-wing to remember that their side has carried the popular vote only once in the last six tries.
 What about this idea that the “takers” are seizing control? Asian Americans–pretty much the “perfect” minority, well-known for their work ethic–went for Obama by something like 74 to 25%. Americans with college degrees split down the middle. According to exit polls reported in USA Today, 46% of this group favored the President while Romney captured only 52% of the “makers” vote. It seemed even “worse” if you looked at the surveys for voters who had done post-graduate study. Here the maggots were really squirming. Fifty-five percent of the most-educated Americans said they had supported Mr. Obama. Damn physicists and geologists and historians with their Ph.D.s and “taker” mentalities! Even the underclass–the “takers” by any Rush Limbaugh-Michael Savage-Peter Morrison-47%-definition–defied classification. True: according to a report in the New York Times, Obama won their support by about 28 points, roughly 64-36, but that would still mean more than a third of the “takers” still follow the Tea Party Way.
 What about all those “taker” females voting Democratic, 54-44%, forgetting that if they were raped it would be God’s will they become pregnant, and forgetting it was Rick Santorum’s and Paul Ryan’s will that they not have access to an abortion?
 Were Latinos really so stupid as to vote for Obama by 69% to 30%, even after right-wingers in Arizona gave them the right to be stopped and asked to prove their citizenship by showing their papers? Were they so stupid as to not vote for a party that wanted electrified fences? Not to understand that the DREAM Act was tyranny in disguise?
 Did young voters stupidly choose to support a man who rammed “socialized medical care” down their throats, so that they’d be covered on their parents’ insurance policies until age 26, thereby threatening the “socialized medical care” of people over 65, the retired “makers” in the very same country?
 These were all hard questions and might involve soul-searching and thoughtful analysis to answer.
 For now, however, the truth as seen through right-wing eyes was clear: Rush and the boys considered the numbers. They studied the whole democratic political process. They looked at the changing makeup of the American electorate.
 And they saw maggots.

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