Friday, November 30, 2012

Operation Pillar of Death: Naming Gaza's Dead - a film by Harry Fear

Obama and Natanyahu's shame for the murder of Gazan civilians
President Obama for all of his eloquent rhetoric and his concern for the citizens of Israel seems to know little about the Palestinians or about the illegal Israeli siege of Gaza. Maybe Obama needs to visit Gaza and the West Bank and see how the Palestinians are barely surviving and yet Obama judges all Palestinians of being terrorists because they dare to defend their land and their people from the naked brute force and deadly aggression of the Israelis.

Maybe if Obama actually read something or watched even videos on Youtube and read President Jimmy Carter's book on Israel's Apartheid state. Would he then change his mind and dare to show some compassion for those murdered in Gaza. Not likely. Especially since the Obama administration has been conducting his own siege on Iran causing millions to suffer and yet Obama and most Americans see all these people whether Palestinian Arabs or Persians as not deserving of any compassion since they are less than human.

 In part it is most distressing that Obama as a member of a visible minority who are still treated as second class citizens in America Obama has no sympathy or compassion with the oppressed in other nations . But we are not that surprised since when the first uprisings took place in Egypt Obama and Hillary Clinton defended Mubarak and were quick to send more tear gas and weapons to arm the Egyptian police and army to crush these peaceful uprisings . But Obama did and is still supporting the authoritarian oppressive regimes in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. In Syria the first part of the uprising was again peaceful but Obama decided to support the armed factions including various terrorists  of mostly religious fanatics who then took control with Obama's help as Obama also did in Libya .

 In Libya the Arab Spring uprising was made up of mostly peaceful protesters who wanted reform and not an abandonment of what Americans would label a socialist state. The people of Libya in fact in the early stages of their protests wanted reform and more progressive and socialist policies to insure fairness and equality of opportunity for all. The fanatics who replaced Qaddafi are more likely to set up some form of theocratic state and /or one governed by a neo-liberal/neo-conservative ideology and agenda followed by vulture rapacious capitalism which America has been exporting to an unsuspecting world over the last thirty years or more.

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