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Obama Administration Gave Israel "Green Light" To Attack Gaza While Israel Targeted Journalists And Civilians And Anonymous Released Edict To #Israel

Anonymous Edict To The State of Israel

Israel like the USA has once again tergetted Jounalists in its recent bombing of Gaza.

Israel and USA war crimes kill journalists and civilians with impunity.

Journalists in Gaza claim Israel targeted them as militants
RussiaToday Nov 25, 2012 by RussiaToday

International human rights watchdogs are now investigating the conflict for war crimes. Militant rockets targeted Israeli cities, killing several civilians.
While Tel Aviv has been condemned by some observers for causing massive collateral damage. Film-maker Harry Fear was inside Gaza throughout the bombing.

South Africans want decisive stance on Israel

Obama gave Israel the green light but when it became a PR nightmare so Obama demanded that Israel agree to a ceasefire but this is not a real substantive solution. Israel in this case as in 2008-2009 invasion of Gaza was an act of aggression and not self-defense.

Israel assault on Gaza planned with US support, threatens wider war'

and now my take on this:

Israel has been over the last 60 years or so has bee bombing and killing civilians attacking Palestinians without much push back but this time the Palestinians fought back and the Israelis are not used to having those they attack actually fighting back. The Palestinians like Israel or any sovereign people or nation have a right to fight back against naked indiscriminate military force. Why is it that the Americans believe that Israel has a right to defend itself but the Palestinians do not.

The Palestinians in this conflict are still the conquered people and their nation is under the control of Israel and is forced to abide by a draconian medieval style siege .

The Americans including President Obama are all for the rule of law and spreading freedom and democracy and most of the time when a nation tries to hold Washington to this ideal Washington finds a way to justify crushing and or ignoring the demands for freedom and democracy in countries where such ideals do not fit with Washington's real motives and agenda. Israel Washington claims is an ally and so will have their back no matter what the Israelis do. So when the Israelis trample on the rights of Palestinians the American government including the Obama administration defends Israel and criticizes the Palestinians even when it is the Palestinians who are the ones being treated unfairly and unjustly by the Israeli government .

Israel holds thousands of Palestinians as prisoners who are often not told what they are being held for and who are denied their basic rights under International Law. So the Israelis like the Americans just label someone as a "terrorist" even if they do not have any real evidence against someone .

And so according to the current American system of justice the authorities in the US or in Israel can deny these prisoners their rights and to physically and psychologically torture these prisoners all with impunity. Once an individual is labeled a terrorist supposedly they lose any legal rights they may have had otherwise. Obama and Netanyahu are both guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity but they both believe as George Bush Jr. & Dick Cheney believed that their respective countries are special and that International Laws do not apply to them. If that is their argument then any other sovereign nation or peoples can insist on the same exceptions from the Rule of Law.

The attacks and invasion in 2009 of Gaza by Israel 's military were both acts of aggression and not self-defense but President Obama is unable to condemn such actions by Israel or any other nation since in 2003 the USA under false pretenses and fabricated intelligence and lies invaded Iraq. From that point on according to the poisoned fruit or tree each overt use of force by the USA in Iraq is tainted and is therefore just another incident of war crimes being committed. The USA no matter what Obama and other American apologists believe the USA had no right to invade Iraq resulting in the deaths of about 1 million citizens of Iraq and thousands imprisoned abused and tortured or even murdered by US troops or British troops or America's supposedly Iraqi allies . Further the home invasions and check points and the firing on alleged terrorists who more often than not were innocent civilians each incident is just another war crime or crime against humanity.

And even though the US managed to dazzle the United Nations with its dog and pony show of fabricated , invented and imaginary intelligence on Saddam including lies about WMDs or Saddam's non-existent connection to the 9/11 tragedy or to Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden any legal foundation the Bush Regime believed it had was null and void once it was exposed that those at the highest levels in the Bush Regime knowingly fabricated and concocted this dog' mess of so called intelligence. Again the whole argument of going to war with Iraq was a collection of lies and so any encouragement they were given by the UN or other nations were based upon lies sold to them by the Bush Regime.

And it can be argued that since Obama did nothing to seriously investigate the alleged crimes of the Bush Regime he himself can be considered a war criminal after the fact by giving aid and protection from prosecution those who committed these alleged crimes.

Lets look at the way things are set up in Gaza by way of an analogy or thought experiment .

So Imagine if in a Ghetto in the USA such as Harlem were to be walled off from the rest of New York and that the people in Harlem would be required to carry special ID which they had to present to the guards on the various gateways in and out of Harlem.First there would not be sufficient gateways and or guarded post to allow for an efficient system making sure people do not have to wait for hours on end to cross through these gates by car or on foot.(note the long lines during the recent 2012 election when people tried to exercise their right to vote in the USA this was especially true in some area which were predominately Black or Hispanic and given America's poor record on having fair elections we can expect it again 2014 & 2016) Add to this restrictions on a number of goods going in and out of Harlem . One should be able to imagine this scenario since the US itself had the racist unjust Jim Crow laws right up til the 1960s and 1970s. Or just take a look at South African Apartheid which the USA supported for decades esp. people like Sen. Jesse Helms and Sen. John McCain etc.

Imagine if each time someone from Harlem was even suspected of having robbed or beaten, or killed someone outside Harlem that the NYPD were then allowed to either shoot rockets into the civilian population or to enter Harlem in full force indiscriminately killing people in Harlem would this be justified . To do so is to contravene international law by punishing the population on the whole or collectively for the crimes of one or of a few. As it is Black and Hispanic Americans are already stopped and frisked at the whim of a police officer in New York as Arabs or those who look like Arabs are stopped by police and /or IDF in Israel even if they are considered Israeli citizens.

Imagine for a moment certain highways in America or some other Western Nation which were reserved for "White's Only" or "Christians Only " and that everybody else were forced to drive on secondary highways which were left in a decrepit state . Would Americans or Canadians or Europeans think this was fair.

Israel is accused of for instance using banned weapons during their bombings and invasions of Gaza such as "White phosphorus ", "cluster bombs", 'land mines" and weapons using depleted uranium besides attacking Civilian Infrastructure including schools, hospitals, apartment buildings , private businesses , government buildings , attacking first-responders , doing the old double taps using a second strike to deliberately maim and kill those who try to help the victims of a first strike . Israel's forces the IDF etc. do not discriminate between civilians and armed combatants and has on occasion fired upon enemy combatants who wave a white flag trying to surrender.

Given that the Bush and now the Obama regime have committed the same war crimes as Israel the US therefore since the US doesn't want to own up to its own crimes feels obliged to defend all of these unwarranted, unnecessary, illegal and immoral and inhumane uses of naked force.

And if anything since Obama was first elected in 2008 rather than going after the members of the former Bush regime who in one way or another permitted or gave the Green Light to the use of kidnapping foreign citizens aka renditions and to imprison them indefinitely then abusing and torturing said prisoners and denying them any of the rights guaranteed to all Prisoners of War or Enemy Combatants by the Geneva Conventions etc.

The USA also used illegal weapons and used them on civilian populations in Iraq and Afghanistan most notably in Fallujah when the USA armed forces declared no mercy for anyone left in Fallujah civilians or combatants were treated the same .

The US forces rained down conventional bombs, bunker busters, depleted uranium ordinances and massive amounts of White Phosphorus while blowing up schools and hospitals and civilian infrastructure such as water and waste treatment plants all in contravention of International Law . The USA in the case of Fallujah kept the Red Cross and Red Crescent and other humanitarian aid organizations out of Fallujah while the US military literally went on a rampage mass murdering alleged terrorists and innocent civilians alike. So given these crimes the US is extremely reluctant to criticize any similar actions committed by Israeli forces.

The American people and its government and the Pentagon and US military and so forth sound rather disingenuous and hypocritical when they condemn the actions of any other nations using similar tactics as the USA. What's good for the Goose is Good for the Gander . So when US troops or Israeli IDF soldiers are captured by enemy combatants or another nations troops the USA and Israel have forfeited their right to complain or to get any sympathy from the International Community. So America has to decide if it really believes in the Rule of Law or believe that "all's fair in love and war".

Maybe now the International community will see that Israel had no right attacking Gaza or keeping 1.7 million Palestinians in an open air prison.

Combining this failure with the Arab spring which is still reverberating throughout the region the Americans fear the spreading of democracy and freedom and an insistence on justice and protection of human rights . This also means these various nations and peoples will demand autonomy and freedom from foreign interference ie USA, Europe, Israel etc.

Israel's failure is a blow to the Americans and other Western Powers
'Gaza war, Israel's intelligence failure'-News Analysis-22-11-2012

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