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Nothing Says Merry Christmas Like Santa & Kids With AK47s & Sheriff Joe Arpaio Playing Secret Santa Gives Out Automatic Weapons To His Posse

Reality once again in Arizona reality is stranger than fiction

Santa ,Guns & Kids part of a truly American Christmas

Bill O'Reilly and the gang at Fox News should take heart that in Arizona they know the true meaning of Christmas a time to give your loved one's automatic weapons ie AK 47s as appropriate gifts on Jesus' birthday.
Meanwhile Israel getting into the spirit of the Holiday Season is going to celebrate Christmas this year after Obama's re-election as they did after Obama's election in 2008 by bombing the crap out of Gaza.

A father laments that under Arizona laws his children have to wait til they are 5 years old before getting certified to use an automatic weapon.
Only in America!
Arizona getting ready in case the GOP declares another Civil War all because Obama won a second term???

Sheriff Joe Arpaio as part of his outreach to the Latino community for Christmas is giving his Posse Semi-Automatic weapons .
Arpaio is also dumbfounded and flabbergasted that when he or his Posse try to arrest an alleged criminal they have the audacity and the effrontery to run away.

Santa and Machine Guns: In Arizona, Christmas Is Here Again By DAVID WRIGHT (@abcdavid) and ERIN KEOHANE ABC Nightline, Dec. 22, 2011
Nothing says Christmas like a family photo with Santa and an AK-47.

Arizona's Scottsdale Gun Club hosts what might be the oddest photo opportunity of the holiday season -- a family picture with jolly Ol' St. Nick and some high-powered firearms: AK-47s, grenade launchers and machine guns.

"People decide to celebrate the holidays in unique ways," said club spokesman Ron Kennedy. "Some choose to do it with Santa at the mall, others in front of their tree. Our members and customers like to do it with 'Santa and Machine Guns.'"

Video removed for technical reasons.
here's the link to youtube:

Guns, Santa ,Christmas and Jesus as American as "apple Pie".

Replaced by :

Unique offer to pose with Santa & machine guns in Scottsdale

Guns For Tots! Arizona gun club poses kids with Santa and rocket launchers!

"Forget The IPod, Santa Giving More Guns This Year."

Gun sales rising in Arizona

Don't Worry, Folks: Santa and His Machine Guns Are Back in Scottsdale By Matthew Hendley Phoenix New (Valley Fever) Nov. 16 2012

In case anyone was worried, we can indeed confirm that Santa (yes, kids, the real one) will be back at Scottsdale Gun Club this year with his machine guns.

According to the shooting range's blog, the jolly fat man will be there on November 17 and December 2. They also upped the price five bucks over last year.

As you may recall, this same event last year ended up being a really successful publicity stunt, with most of the news coverage apparently reinforcing a thought that everyone in Arizona's a hillbilly -- like the guy who told ABC News, "Our kids have never touched guns. The little ones have never touched guns. Not until they are 5 years old..."

Arizona is the "Colt Single-Action Army Revolver State," after all -- and the location of a mass shooting involving a congresswoman, and where the federal government gave guns to people to bring to Mexico (some of which were lost, and some of which were found at crime scenes).

Welp, happy holidays.

Wild, Wild West
Merry Christmas! From Your Toddler, Santa, and a Machine Gun
By James King Phoenix New (valley Fever) Nov. 30 2011

Nothing says happy holidays (in Arizona, anyway) like Santa, your toddler, and a machine gun -- and you can celebrate the holidays by getting a picture of all three at the Scottsdale Gun Club next month.

According to the club, "Santa's back with his bag of goodies" -- which happens to include an arsenal of machine guns -- and on December 10, it will give families the opportunity to have their pictures taken with Santa and his guns.

Even children will be allowed to be photographed while holding the weapons, the club says.

Arizona doesn't exactly have the best reputation when it comes to firearms -- the Tucson shooting, the fact that guns are allowed in Arizona bars, and "Operation Fast and Furious" certainly haven't helped the state's image. So it only makes (gulp) sense to arm children with high-powered machine guns for family Christmas cards.
And not to be outdone racist thug Sheriff Arpaio is giving his posse automatic weapons for Christmas because whenever they try to arrest people they run away . Did Joe Arpaio take a degree in Criminology to figure this out. Yes Joe criminals don't want to be caught whether they are illegal aliens or not. Or is Sheriff Joe just getting ready in case the feds try to capture him and his posse for the numerous crimes they have committed.

Another Stupid-Sheriff Story: Joe Arpaio: "Illegal Aliens" Keep Trying to Run Away, So All Deputies Get Automatic Weapons By Matthew Hendley via Phoenix New (Valley Fever) Nov. 15 2012

Sheriff Joe Arpaio put out a press release today, in part explaining the reason that every MCSO deputy will be getting an automatic weapon.

"More and more illegal aliens are attempting to escape which places my deputies in dangerous positions," Arpaio's press release says. "In the near future I will be issuing automatic weapons for all my deputies."

The Sheriff's Office points to a pair of "short vehicle chases through the desert" as evidence of the escaping illegal immigrants.

In one case, the MCSO says deputies tried to go after a speeding car, but that car ended up going even faster, then going off-road, through a fence, and into some desert area in the southeast Valley.

About a mile after the tires went flat, all eight people in the car bailed, but they were caught.

In the other instance, Human Smuggling Unit detectives caught some guys in the act, loading up a car with marijuana. After a chase that ended "a short distance later," MCSO says six people were eventually arrested, and the Valley's now short 120.5 pounds of weed.

Well, the buck stops here. Auto weapons for everyone.

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