Sunday, November 04, 2012

Mr. Burns Endorses Romney | The Simpsons | Animation on FOX

A solid endorsement for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan from The Simpsons greedy evil entrepeneur Mr. Burns.

   As we see in the video below from /New Left Media a large portion of Romney supporters seem to have litt idea about what Romney's actual plans and policies are. They appear to be supporting Romney because he is a Republican and to vote against President Obama. Things they say have changed but give few if any examples of how things have changed for the worse. No doubt they want Obama out but why they may not be too sure because his supposedly move to the left with Obamacare or because too many of those who support Obama just want more handouts and more free stuff ie the 47% who are "moochers" or "takers" rather than "makers".

“I believe in God and God is going to make sure Mr. Romney wins” Video interviews with Romney supporters, Alex Halperin at Salon .com,Nov.4, 2012

Documentary outfit New Left Media interviewed folks at a Mitt Romney rally in Ohio:
Alex Halperin is news editor at Salon. You can follow him on Twitter @alexhalperin.

   Even this late in the game there are many Republicans who are deluded into believing that Romney's election is all but secured that there is no way someone in their view who is as dangerous and as anti-American as Obama could win another election.

Some even well heeled conservative pundits and leaders who should know better but their partisanship brains are overwrought and so unflinchingly are predicting a landslide victory for Romney even though this flies in the face of all of the polling numbers.

There is one way they might be proven right is if as others have suggested that the GOP is able to rigg the voting and ballot tallying using their GOP friendly counters and interfering operatives.

Five delusional right-wingers who have Mitt in a landslide : Most national polls have the two candidates in a dead heat, but try telling that to these would-be prophets By Joshua Holland at via ,Nov. 3, 2012

Republicans have decided that all the available evidence must be wrong and that Mitt Romney is headed for a certain victory next Tuesday. Many expect a landslide win that will rival Reagan’s ten-point victory over Jimmy Carter in 1980. It’s hard to recall another example of an entire political party deluding itself to such a degree that it has lost any connection to objective reality

...Many conservatives simply refuse to accept this state of affairs. There are two reasons. The party hacks – including those in the Romney campaign – worry about turning out their base. People like to vote for winners, and if they believe their candidate is likely to go down in defeat, they may decide to stay home and do some laundry next Tuesday. They fear that if their candidate looks like he will be beat it can create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Projecting an image of a strong candidate with good momentum keeps their voters engaged and enthusiastic.

For the rank-and-file, there’s something else going on. Research suggests that political conservatives tend to have a greater need to avoid cognitive dissonance than liberals. The right has spent 4 years painting Obama as not only a failure and an incompetent, but a dangerous radical; a crypto-Muslim with dictatorial tendencies who may not even be an American citizen. The idea that such a horrible monster could be re-elected causes painful cognitive dissonance, which they’re trying to manage by grasping at any straw they see.

This can lead to some truly comical efforts to twist reality into something that conforms with their world-view. Here are 5 examples, from the top of the Republican ticket to the bottom of the right-wing fever swamps.

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