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Joseph Stiglitz A Romney Win Would Create More Economic Injustice and Romney Privatizing Disaster Relief

“The United States armed forces are highly diverse,” said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United. “To have a veterans’ memorial that only honors soldiers of one religion is not only a violation of the First Amendment, but also an insult to the memory of non-Christians who served their country.”

Above quote From Press Release: Decorated Afghanistan War Veteran Sues NC Town Over Sectarian Memorial Americans United For The Separation of Church and State.

A lawsuit filed on behalf of Steven Hewett, a decorated veteran of the war in Afghanistan, Americans United asked the city to remove the Christian flag as well as a Christian statue at the memorial.

...Hewett, who won the Combat Action Badge and Bronze Star during his service with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan, first complained about King’s overt promotion of Christianity in July 2010. A non-Christian, he asked for the removal of the Christian flag from the city-sponsored memorial out of respect for the many non-Christian veterans who have served their country. is a group which I heartily support and so should all those who want less wars rather than more wars and to insist governments treat vets with dignity to give them the best of healthcare and opportunities in employment and education and that they receive decent pensions which reflect what they have done for their nation.

Parades and Memorials and Patriotic speeches are not enough- a nation must show its appreciation for what veterans have done this is as true in the USA as well as here in Canada. Our vets too have been at the receiving end of a mean-spirited Neoconservative government.

 It is a tragedy whenever a soldier of any nation is wounded, maimed or killed in a war but it is shameful for the nation any nation that is to send soldiers into unnecessary wars such as the Iraq war and the coming Iran war.

And ad from for veteran Bob Kerry who is no Chicken Hawk like Mitt Romney or Bushites like Karl Rove and his gang who are fighting for Mitt Romney and for more war while increasing economic injustice and inequality.

As puts the case: final push prior to election day :Take a Look At Our New Ads, Nov. 02,2012

We’re doing another ad blitz of over 1 million dollars to end 2012, including $300,000 behind a hard-hitting ad in Nebraska that makes it clear – Bob Kerrey’s fought for America, while his opponent Deb Fischer has fought to take land from her neighbors.

and: In addition to this ad in Nebraska, we’re also going up in Ohio with $200,000 behind a new ad that highlights the pro-Veteran record of Senator Sherrod Brown. In the ad, an Ohio Air Force Veteran says, “Senator Brown, as a Veteran of one fight, I salute you in your fight to protect Ohio’s Veterans.”

Virginia Ad by ...
"...highlights the extreme anti-Veteran record of Senate candidate George Allen."


Economist Joseph Stiglitz argues that President Obama may not have done as much as he could have replacing him with Mitt Romney would make everything worse not just on social issues but on economics as well.
Stiglitz proposes raising taxes for the rich and closing unjustified loop holes in the system of taxation while cutting back on military spending .

Joseph Stiglitz: “Romney’s plan is based on magic” Nobel-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz -- an Obama critic -- says Romney's cuts would be disastrous By Andrew Leonard at,Nov. 2,2012

...the fact is that Romney has many of the same economic advisers that Bush did. Those economic advisers essentially doubled the debt in eight years. And that was in a period of relatively high growth. Why would we think that wouldn’t happen again? I don’t see any reason for that. Particularly when the global environment is more adverse.

... If Romney wins, we will become a more divided society, a more unfair society. And that in turn will bring greater inequality, and will also undermine our growth.

... the main vote for him (Obama) is that if he loses there could be a major step backward in every aspect. Not the least important of which is the importance of the Supreme Court, which would affect inequality of political power, as with the Citizens United case. The Court will also rule on basic human rights, gender rights, discrimination, things I think progressives should care a lot about.

But in terms of the economy, while I’ve been critical, there still has been progress in an awful lot of areas. Less progress than there should have been, less progress than was promised, but progress all the same.

...But the kind of compromise that I would like would begin with significant tax increases as a result of the elimination of corporate welfare buried in the tax code, special treatment of capital gains, the Cayman Islands tax avoidance setup, a whole set of things of that kind.

On the expenditure side, I’d like to see the biggest chunk come out of the military, I think we’re spending too much on weapons that don’t work against enemies that don’t exist. We need to spend our money more smartly — that’s where I would see the biggest chunk of expenditure cuts.

"Romney Wants to Privatize Disaster Relief"

from RealNews Network Nov. 01, 2012
Bill Black: Part 1. Financial and Fraud Report: Romney plan for smaller federal government and privatization is a way to make private profit from crisis

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