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GOP Election The Fix is In & Romney vs. Sandy -Global Warming As A Punch Line & Romney's Sandy Photo-Op & "Heckuva Job Brownie ": Obama Responded Too Fast"

Mitt Romney may win this election through the use of GOP operatives involvement in corporations with the contract for counting ballots and their rigged computer systems .
The GOP has also been involved with training thousands of poll watchers to misinform and do what they can to stop pro-Obama voters from casting their ballots .
So the Fix as it were as in 2000 Bush election may already be in and the GOP preparing for taking action wherever the count is in dispute or close.

Romney vs. Sandy - YouTube'via Blog this'

Published on Oct 31, 2012 by ForecastTheFacts If this video makes you mad, take action at: Much of the nation is still reeling from Hurricane Sandy. Our thoughts are with those who have been impacted. When Mitt Romney made climate change a punchline at the Republican National Convention, he mocked a real threat to the lives of Americans. We've turned this video into a television ad that is running in Ohio and Virginia right now! If you want to donate to expand the ad buy go to

 It should be noted that the GOP and Mitt Romney are more concerned about banning Gay Marriage and banning abortion than with taking on the economic injustices and inequality and lack of opportunity and helping out the working poor, the homeless, the unemployed and the middle class ' shrinking income while the top 1% get wealthier every year. As for disaster relief Romney sees Disaster relief as an opportunity for private enterprise to make a shit load of money as they did after Katrina and in the man made disaster in Iraq etc. So a word of warning if Romney wins citizens should be ready with cash or credit cards to pay for any aid they need in a natural disaster.

 Romney's Opportunistic Storm Photo Op - Cenk Uygur At The Young Turks Using fake supplies for photo-op to show how earnest & caring Romney is -
Published on Oct 31, 2012 by TheYoungTurks "The last-minute decision by Romney high command Monday to suspend politics while Sandy raged sent aides in Ohio scrambling to convert a scheduled victory rally into an apolitical "storm relief event" — a process that tested the campaign's agility and left a few threads of partisanship inadvertently hanging.

"Heckuva Job" Brownie: Obama Responded TOO FAST to Hurricane Sandy Published on Oct 31, 2012 by MidweekPolitics --Michael Brown of FEMA's "heckuva job" fame says that President Obama reacted TOO QUICKLY to Hurricane Sandy.

David Pakman points out possible election fixing by the Romney/GOP campaign putting out misinformation and vote rigging in Florida and other state using computer system run by Republicans and their supporters. This is another reason why UN or other NGOs should be onsite monitoring US elections. Elections in America are controlled by partisan officials in this case by the Republican Party.

Romney Campaign Training Poll Watchers to Intimidate w/ Wrong Information Published on Oct 31, 2012 by MidweekPolitics --The Mitt Romney campaign is training poll watchers to mislead voters in Wisconsin.

And more on Think Progress story about GOP trying to fix the election by various means such as training thousands of Poll Watchers to misinform voters about needing photo-Ids etc.

 Investigation Into Romney Poll Watchers
Published on Nov 2, 2012 by Tomthunkit -Rev. Sharpton A new ThinkProgress investigation has found that in Iowa, Romney poll watchers are being trained to watch for voters who show up without a photo ID, even though no voter ID law exists in the state.

  America has been awash in election rigging going back to President Nixon and the Republican party's so called "Rat Finks" (see book Rule and Ruin by Geoffrey Kabaservice pub. 2012) If the election fraud continues the USA may be facing another fiasco as it did in the election of 2000 in which Bush should have lost but due to pressure by the GOP and its wealthy and powerful supporters were able to engage in a campaign to stop recount in Florida -the assault as such was led by the "Brook Brothers angry "mob.(see Maddow video below on GOP organized well financed faux grass roots/ astroturf protests)

 But to anyone watching politics and elections in the USA there seem to be partisan knowledgeable pundits and party operatives who believe that using dirty tricks in an election is just part of business as usual even in misinforming voters or rigging the ballot box and or computers and having no oversight of those tallying the votes. The USA in this sense looks like some banana republic where all is fair in love and war and elections.
Florida Early Voting Totals Changing, Raise Huge Questions Published on Oct 31, 2012 by MidweekPolitics --Florida early vote totals have been drastically changed, already raising many questions about the upcoming election.


Rachel Maddow : GOP how to fix an election outcome 101
Rachel Maddow: 2000 Docker / Brooks Brothers Rebellion: Fake Protests By Far Right Uploaded by VampiressOnDaProwlq on Aug 17, 2009 Brooks Brothers 2000 Election Docker Rebellion Fake "Protests" are exactly Like Anti-Healthcare Far Right Nazi LIBERTARIANS. Fake Protests by Far Right LIBERTARIAN Media + Corporate Lobbyists To Pretend To Be Grassroots - by "FreedomWorks" + ""APF" or "Americans For Patients First" + AforP" or "Americans For Prosperity" + "CPR" multi-millionaires + billionaires!


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