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Gang of Clowns Scare White Supremacists & Religious Right Calls Obama Wicked & Update Arpaio & Arizona Voter Suppression & Woman Dies Due To Ireland's War On Women

Update Religious Right reaction to Obama's re-election and gay marriage : Obama is a wicked man
Published on Nov 14, 2012 by RWWBlog
"Prophet" Bob Jones says that Hurricane Sandy was God's judgment for legalizing gay marriage while Rick Joyner says that President Obama is a wicked man.

White Supremacists Get Trolled By Clown Protestors
Published on Nov 13, 2012 by TheYoungTurks
"Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say no one was arrested during a loud -- and very colorful -- KKK rally and counter-protest in uptown Charlotte Saturday afternoon.

Election in doubt in Arizona due to voter suppression by Republican state and local government authorities. It should be investigated by the Department of Justice to determine the extent of the problem in Arizona . There are still protesters in the streets demanding an investigation or have another vote if problems were and are widespread. But corrupt racist Sheriff Arpaio after declaring himself the winner even though thousands of votes go uncounted or tossed in the garbage and citizens were misinformed that is lied to  by Republican controlled government officials  about where to vote and when they could vote or what ID they needed to vote .

 The election outcome was guaranteed from the outset by Sheriff Arpaio and the corrupt officials who support Sheriff Arpaio and his reign of terror over a large part of the state. At times it appears even the state governor and the legislature tends to bend to Sheriff Arpaio's will. Anyone who dares to oppose him soon find they are under his scrutiny and that their job and reputation and even their freedom is at stake.
Arizona yet to finalize votes: suppressing the minority vote?
Published on Nov 14, 2012 by RTAmerica
It's been over a week since President Obama was declared the victor of the 2012 presidential election, but in Arizona the outcome of several races are up in the air. Still hundreds of thousands of votes remain to be counted and many claim that the votes that remain uncounted are from minority voters. Petra Falcon, director of Promise Arizona, brings us more.
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And now to continue where we left off yesterday in our commentary on the messy elections in the USA.

As mentioned in yesterday's post  the flawed elections in the USA is just another part of the corrupt system in the nation which has accepted corruption as just part of business as usual whether its rigged elections, voter suppression , lobbyists buying off elected officials who serve those lobbyists rather than the citizens who voted them into office . Even career bureaucrats or civil servants view their jobs in the light of what sorts of financial security they can get once they leave government to go to work as lobbyists or working in some cases in the very industries and businesses which as government employees they are supposed to be helping to oversee and regulate. If the only values one has are those based upon material wealth then talk about ethics and morality are just words people spout to make themselves appear as if they had some depth or personal integrity when in fact their integrity is for sale to the highest bidder whether the individual is some lowly bureaucrat or head of a major government department or a member of Congress or even in the White House they all have their price . And the selling out as it were crosses party lines and is not unique to the GOP as some would prefer to think. Of course it's not quite accurate to say these people have sold out since that implies they once had ideals and a sense of personal integrity but in most cases they never did.

The long stupefying surely unnecessary lines at the polls in Arizona or Florida on election day in the USA  as such look like the lines one sees in elections in some Banana Republic one run by a dictator or Military junta or authoritarian regime or Oligarchy where elections are meaningless and just part of a dog and monkey show to appease foreign powers and the USA or the United nations.  In those nations people are intimidated and threatened by those in authority and told who they can and who they cannot vote but they must go through the mechanics of voting or there will be severe consequences.

 What has emerged in the USA is one party in particular that is the Republican party which believes it has a better chance of winning elections at whatever level by having a low voter turnout. The Democratic party has found that it prospers best with a high voter turnout. So whenever Democrats dare to suggest streamlining the registration and the casting of ballots and making the whole process easier as they say user friendly and more transparent the Republicans call such measures partisan and as being in fact just another way for Democrats to defeat Republicans. This is a rather cynical move on the part of the Republicans since one would expect agreement by all political parties on such improvements in the election process . So Republicans are very much against such scrutiny especially since in this election it appears that most egregious tactics used to undermine the voting process were carried out by Republicans and their operatives .

So in this election cycle recounting of votes or insisting on deeming election results in one region or state as null and void and that there must be a new election held where it is deemed necessary is treated as if this were a complete and utter condemnation and repudiation of America's elections and of the American system of government and of America itself  and such a person would be labeled as being UnAmerican and  unpatriotic  .

Democracy that is  genuine democracy is based upon electing representatives to form the government and the loyal opposition who then engage in debates over legislation based upon the needs and desires of their constituency. There is then a process for passing legislation and putting it into law. But those representatives  are supposed to be working for their constituency and not for some other group such as lobbyists and the elected officials biggest financial backers. This abuse of authority and power in the USA has now reached dizzying heights and is the very essence of corruption   in which elections may be considered window dressing for a non-democratic regime which no longer answers to the people but primarily to the rich and powerful and their minions. It may be that nationally for the most part in most regions or state the outcome of the election is to a greater or lesser degree  considered legitimate but that in some regions or entire states the process is not merely flawed but rather purposely dysfunctional and corrupt in which case there should be on going investigations by the federal government to discover how widespread these illegal or at least unethical practices are to then determine the legitimacy of the outcome of the election process in that particular region or state.

The problem in the USA is the notion of the sovereignty of each state as if each state has merely agreed conditionally to be part of this collective or commonwealth which is the  construct known as the United States of America and that leaving this construct is always an option when the states see the federal government as no longer representing that state's interest.not merely the registering to vote and then casting a ballot this is only one step in the process. At the very least the ballots must be counted honestly and with due diligence in a transparent manner. But keeping hundreds of thousands if not a few million citizens in the recent case of the USA from voting or having their ballots counted in other nations this would constitute a fraudulent or dysfunctional process and therefore  should be investigated and at the extreme if the voter suppression and vote rigging is considered egregious enough the election could be considered null and void for the nation as a whole or just particular regions ie states or counties.

 But in the USA it is now taken for granted by the media , the two major parties and a large swathe of the  public that such anti-democratic tactics are just another part of the election process that is all's fair in love and war and election campaigns.  The only caveat seems to be to not get caught at least not until the election is over and if your guy wins why ask for a recount or investigation into voter suppression and other "dirty tricks". According to those who supported President Nixon they believed and many still believe that Nixon's problem wasn't that he committed various crimes and abused his position of authority but rather that he got caught and so was forced to resign  . The Republicans could not for instance understand why such a fuss was made about the Watergate break in since they believed that both parties are involved in questionable tactics whether illegal or immoral so why should their party and their leader be singled out.

Update: War On Women -

The war on women and on reproductive rights versus the rights of the unborn is not just a theoretical debate as the recent incident in Ireland proves the injustice done to a woman who was allowed to die rather than attempting to save her by performing an abortion on a non-viable fetus. Yes there was a heartbeat but doctors said it could not survive . And yet the leaders and spokespersons for the pro-life " personhood " movement in the USA as defended by Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and others are  not deterred as they claim a woman's life is never in danger to the degree that an abortion would save her life. Simply put they are wrong.

We Are All Savita Halappanavar: Catholic Hospital in Ireland Denies Woman Life-Saving Abortion by Jodi Jacobson, Editor in Chief, RH Reality Check November 13, 2012

...Someone's daughter, wife, friend, perhaps sister is now dead. Why? Because a non-viable fetus was more important than her life. Because she was left to suffer for days on end in service of an ideological stance and religion she did not share. Because a wanted pregnancy went horribly wrong, and, because as must now be clear, there are people who don't care about the lives of women. And there are others so invested in their uninformed misogynistic ideology that they claim there are no situations in which a woman's life might be endangered by pregnancy. Like, say, the recently defeated Congressman Joe Walsh.

This case happened in Ireland. But it is not isolated. Just this past summer, a teen in the Dominican Republic died because she was denied chemotherapy for cancer. Countless others die every day, but without press coverage we just don't see or hear about them. As Ipas notes, Women in El Salvador and Mexico have been put in jail for both abortions and "suspicious" miscarriages. Young girls in Argentina and Brazil, victims of violence and incest, have been denied safe abortion care. A total abortion ban in Nicaragua means that not only do women die for lack of safe abortion care, but that untold numbers of women and girls who are the victims of violence are forced to endure pregnancy and childbearing against their will.

And if they have their way, anti-choice fanatics in the United States want this country to join these others in denying women their very personhood.  There is H.R. 3, the Let Women Die Act, passed in the last Congress by the rabidly anti-woman House majority. There is the "Sanctity Of Human Life [As Long As You Are Not Female] Act," so strongly supported by recent Vice Presidential candidate and current congressman, Paul Ryan (R-WI). There are heartbeat bans, and bans on medication abortion, laws that force doctors to lie to women, and laws that force women to undergo unnecessary trans-vaginal and abdominal ultrasounds. There are attacks on Planned Parenthood and Title X, past and future. And in addition to the terrorism and accosting of women in evidence wherever safe abortion care is provided, there is harassment at clinics that do not even provide abortions.
These are the lives of your sister, your mother, your daughter, your aunt, your friends, and your colleagues. These are the lives at stake. These are the very people that the fanatical anti-choice and religious right see as "not people."
They are all Savita Halappanavar.
We are all Savita Halappanavar. 
But we do not have to die at the hands of misogynists.
In honor of Savita Halappanavar; in honor of the nearly 22 million women worldwide each year who endure unsafe abortion  in honor of the 47,000 women per year worldwide who die from complications of unsafe abortion and the estimated 10 times that number who suffer long-term health consequences; in honor of the millions of women who do not have access to contraception, who have no control over whether and with whom they have sex or and whether or with whom they have children, we can fight back. In honor of the young girls married young and the women forced to bear children long past the point they are able to care for more... for all these women, we must continue to act, to liberalize abortion laws, ensure every woman has access, remove the stigma, and trust women, like Savita, who know when it is time to end even the most wanted pregnancy.
Because she deserved to live. We deserve to live. We are people. 

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