Monday, July 16, 2012

Romney Plans To Kill Big Bird And Crush Sesame St. And School To Prison For Young People of Colour And Saudi Protest Ignored By Mainstream Media


* Killing Big Bird and Bulldozing Sesame Street in the name of balancing the budget or to crush "liberalism" and "progressives"
Romney's war on the Middle Class and especially Public Employees-Melissa Harris-Perry

*USA and Western Nations support Saudi Arabia unconditionally while condemning those who truly want substantive political, social and economic justice in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and elsewhere.

* Melissa Harris Perry on the school to prison pipeline for young people of colour in the USA.

Melissa Harris-Perry Romney Needs A Trip Down Sesame Street July 14

The USA and the West still continue to support the dictatorial authoritarian monarchies in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Everything that happens in the area is seen as a prelude and excuse for the USA, NATO and Western nations to bomb and /or invade Iran as if Iran were the source of tension and unrest in the Middle East. Mainstream Western media ignores massive peaceful protests in Saudi Arabia and the Saudi governments violent and brutal draconian crack down .

 It is not much different than what has happened in Bahrain or Egypt over the last year and a half throughout the Middle East and during the Arab Spring. The West and the USA disingenuously claim they are in favour of promoting freedom, democracy and human rights while arming these governments to crush all dissidents in these countries.

  All Roads Lead To... Iran? 'War At Core of MidEast Turmoil' Video By RT via Information Clearing House,July 14, 2012

Saudi Arabia is sending additional troops to its Eastern region of Qatif - with the government fearing riots. Public anger is rising in the area - with reports of more marches planned in support of two local activists, killed at a rally on Sunday. The demonstration was in response to the violent arrest of a prominent Shia cleric.

 The deaths brought tens of thousands onto the streets of the city of Qatif - for marches that have continued throughout the week. Discontent is fueled by a lack of political and civil freedoms and ongoing detentions of dissidents. The clampdown has been ignored by the west which unconditionally supports the regime.

 For more RT talks to Dan Glazebrook, a political analyst from UK. Posted July 14, 2012


 In the USA Children and young adults of colour are being incarcerated in adult prisons at a higher and disproportionate rate than white children and young adults who are arrested and found guilty of various crimes.

 MSNBC Melissa Harris-Perry- The School to Prison Pipeline July 14, 2012


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