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Charles Krauthammer Trashes Obama and All Those Who Support Him As Being UnAmerican and Dim-witted

*  Charles Krauthammer admits if election held tomorrow Obama would win.
 * Krauthammer takes a swipe at President Obama and his would be supporters as just wanting as Romney said "More Free Stuff" and are therefore by extension "ipso facto" selfish and self-serving and given the American economic crisis are in fact "Unpatriotic"
* Religious Right and GOP put aside differences by endorsing a Mormon as Presidential Candidate. ( Original Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints' Joseph Smith's Prophecy coming to fruition.)

Krauthammer attacks Unions, college students, young people in general, single women , blacks, Hispanics, all public employees at the state and federal level and Gays and all members of the GLBT community .

"Charles Krauthammer To O’Reilly: If Election Were Held Tomorrow, Obama Would Win " (VIDEO) by Meenal Vamburkar via,July 17th, 2012

Charles Krauthammer paid a visit to Bill O’Reilly on Tuesday night to discuss how President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are currently faring among certain key demographics. Obama’s negative campaigning is proving successful, Krauthammer observed, concluding that were the election to be held tomorrow, Obama would win. But, he underlined, the circumstances can change from now until November.
Krauthammer pointed to Obama’s strong voter base in the black and Hispanic communities, and well as among young voters, and argue that voter turnout will be depressed. Though the ratio will probably remain the same, he said, there will be lower turnout. Some of “those who swooned in the aisles, some of them are going to stay home because they know the reality of what Obama wrought.”
Furthermore, Krauthammer argued the Obama campaign played to women (as a voting bloc) well — but only because appeasing certain demographics is the only way he can win them over. “His campaign is based on one idea,” he said. “You go out and you try to seduce one ethnic or socioeconomic or gender constituency after another. Because you can’t run as a national candidate who has improved the country.”
Toward the end of the segment, O’Reilly posed his final question: If the election were held tomorrow, who would win? Obama, Krauthammer replied. The margin would be narrow, he added. “If he wins either now or November in your hypothetical, it will be a narrow win because he will eke it out with his constituencies,” Krauthammer asserted.
He then went on to explain why he said Obama would win tomorrow, hypothetically: In all the current polls, Obama averages a 2-point lead in the popular , and it’s “almost inconceivable that you would have that strong an excess in the overall vote and lose in the Electoral College.” But that can change, he noted:
I think all this negative stuff against Romney has had an effect of making people hesitant to switch from Obama to Romney. I think if Romney humanizes himself in the debates and does reasonably well, the way Reagan did in his debates, and become acceptable to meet the threshold for president, he wins.

At this point we at Gord's Poetry Factory would like to add a few thoughts about the Bill O'Reilly /Charles Krauthammer video:

Note Krauthammer's sly swipe at Obama's constituency who as Romney said are just looking for "Free Stuff" that is women, Hispanics, Blacks, Unions and college students and of course the poor. Krauthammer like Romney sees these groups as self-serving greedy voters who are unpatriotic and not interested in the welfare of other Americans or the overall health of the Nation's economy.

Krauthammer for instance trashes young people as being ill-informed, naive at best, as being idealistic which he sees as a negative trait as being unserious that is merely following fads ie Obama's campaign in 2008 was just another superficial fad among young people. Krauthammer like others in the GOP completely ignores the Occupy Movement as a serious challenge to the status quo and to the GOP's creeping Fascism or a theocratic state ruled by religious extremists and God's Chosen people the super-wealthy who are wealthy because God awards them with material good and power.
The question is whether the super-wealthy are using the Religious Right to benefit themselves or is the Religious Right using the super-wealthy and powerful to achieve their global agenda of turning American into a Christian Nationalist State to a greater or lesser degree.

When the Religious Right is forced to talk about issues such as religious tolerance their views are that tolerance of other religions is permitted as long as these religions are basically following the Judeo-Christian traditions and theology .

Isn't that rich. The group he appears to believe to be the GOP/Republican/Romney base are those making over 250,000 a year and the super-wealthy and white mainly male middle class and blue collar workers.

Krauthammer also cunningly suggest that Romney as president or any other Republican president is not going to take steps to push the rightwing and religious right social and economic agenda.

It appears disingenuous or a matter of " projection" on the part of Krauthammer to flatly state that Mitt Romney as president would not push the extreme right agenda. Otherwise if so then the extreme right either secular or religious does not have a positive incentive to vote for Romney. The only thing left for the GOP is to hype their fearmongering about how evil they believe Obama to be.

Romney has not shied away from the agenda of the Rightwing. Romney is still wondering outloud if Obama is a real American or even born in America or is a Socialist-Islamic Manchurian Candidate who is out to destroy traditional American society and culture. So Obama hasn't just made some mistakes or has a different though legitimate approach to issues and governance or ideology ; it is rather that Obama according to Krauthammer, the GOP, Fox NewsChannel, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity , Glenn Beck etc. is UnAmerican and somehow anti-American.

The GOP and its base the secular and Religious Right 's agenda is well known and includes the ending of most abortions in America if not all or to take action to defend the rights of the unborn including Zygotes or push for either more money for private religious schools and /or attempt to bring religion back into the public square or continue their crusade overseas to crush other religions ie Islam etc. They will expect Mitt Romney as president to take action on ,in their minds, these important if not crucial issues by either passing legislation or a signing statement or executive order or stack the Supreme Court to push for the GOP/Rightwing and Religious Right's that is Evangelical Fundamentalists, conservative Catholics and religious groups such as 5The Mormons etc. agenda .

They will insist on sex education in public and private schools to push for abstinence only while condemning any and all forms of birth control. They will I believe not only insist on outlawing "Gay Marriage" but will go down the road to a witchhunt to out Gays in the military or other government and private institutions which then may lead to at some curtailment of the rights of Gays but also other members of the GLBT community.

Romney's base will probably insists that women be excluded from fighting or entering the battlegrounds or Theaters of War . The same thing could then trickle down to police forces, fire departments, security guards, local or state militias or even in other careers such as airline pilots as long as one can show that a job or profession is risky then the GOP and the Rightwing can adapt their slippery slope to a whole of jobs or professions.

As A Morman this would not be much of a stretch for Romney as women in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has a strictly defined role for women in society in which they are expected to have as many children as possible and to be the one who runs the household and does not seek public office or other careers or professions except as something to do until they are overwhelmed by the number of children they have or if they are unable to have children but even then they could always adopt a dozen or so.

Mormons like the Religious Right see women as sexual objects and as "Baby Machines". As I have argued before women are permitted to be political and enter various professions when the nation and the Judeo-Christian-Mormon is seen as fighting to survive against what they believe to be a formidible secular onslaught on their religion and their cultural and social values.

But once the crisis passes then the Religious and Secular right expect most women to once again take on their predetermined role as wives and mothers and caregivers and doing some work for their religious group .

And for Mitt Romney to be truly triumphant he may encourage the banning of various materials, books , works of art he doesn't approve of and movies and television. Romney has already started his attack on Sesame Street and PBS. Next Harry Potter and similar books or any that question the validity of Christianity or Judaism or Mormonism.

As we see in this campaign the Religious Right has decided to embrace and allow into their fold not just any Mormon but one in good-standing and a member of the upper echelons of the hierarchy of the Mormon Church . It should be noted that The Mormon Church perceives material wealth and power as being a sure sign of one's holiness and as being most favoured of God/Elohim. And Romney we know is worth at least a few hundred million. Given the Mormon's Church's penchant for secrecy and the belief that it is right and proper to prevaricate or lie in order to prevent damage to the Church or its reputation or to further the goals of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

There is a similar tactic or doctrine which is often maligned which is seen as righteous in Shia Islam in which prevaricating or even lie is permitted in order to defend the faith and /or to keep the Shia Faithful safe from harm by non-Shia Muslims or non-Muslims.

One can see the rationale for this especially when dealing with a minority religious group which is under attack by the larger religious group(s) or the majority of the society or nation in which these followers of a minority faith abide.
Such a minority religious group is often misunderstood and characterized as "apostate" or Heretical or Blasphemous. They are therefore seen as a threat to the status quo and orthodoxy.

Until recently most of the Religious Right and Evangelical Fundamentalists did not recognize The Latter Day Saints as true Christians due to theological and eschatological differences ie the Trinity, that God /Elohim or Jehovah and his son Jesus have physical bodies and are separate beings; that Jesus was conceived by Elohim actually having intercourse with Mary ; that Jesus after his resurrection visited America to give the peoples of America his message that those in America at that time were God's Chosen people ; this Gospel of Jesus is referred to as The True Gospel which Joseph Smith in the mid 19th century was able to obtain with the aid of Elohim and Christ who appeared to him in person .

The book was called the Book of Mormon since its main writer or transcriber was the Prophet Mormon. Joseph Smith as a Prophet or seer of Elohim was given the instructions on how to transcribe and translate from the Golden Plates of The Book of Mormon from what he referred to as written in the (nonexistent) language of "Reformed Egyptian" which is referred to as " Another Gospel of Christ " which is according to Mormon theology superior to the Old and New Testament since there are no errors in the translation and transcribing of the Book of Mormon as there are in the Old and New Testament.

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