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UPDATE Islamophobia : Muslim Women Denied Access To Geller and Spencer Conference & Gays To Be Ousted From The GOP

Police Remove Muslim Women From Pam Geller’s ‘Human Rights Conference’ By Eli Clifton at Think, Apr 30, 2012
Yesterday in Dearborn, Michigan, noted anti-Muslim activists Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer hosted a conference promising to advocate for “human rights” in one of the largest Muslim communities in the United States.

Geller, writing on her blog on Sunday, warned, “We will meet fierce resistance by Islamic supremacists who will do anything, say anything to impose the sharia and whitewash the oppression, subjugation and slaughter of women under Islamic law.”

But surprisingly, Muslim women found themselves denied entry to the conference and, after patiently waiting in the corridor after being told to wait, were removed from the Hyatt Hotel by the Dearborn Police Department and Hyatt security. Several of the young women commented that they shared a similar appearance with Jessica Mokdad, the young women who Geller and Spencer claim was murdered in an “honor killing” (a conclusion not shared by Mokdad’s family or Michigan prosecutors).

ThinkProgress attempted to attend the event and was turned away, and eventually removed from the Hyatt by the police, along with the young women. One of the women commented, “I tried emailing [Pamela Geller to register] and I literally couldn’t get any kind of response back.” That comment seems to contradict Geller’s claim that she wants to help Muslim women and that the conference was in defense of the human rights of Muslim women.

Another woman who tried to attend the conference told ThinkProgress:

Coming in, I was asking where the human rights conference is. [Hyatt Security and Dearborn Police] were like, ‘what are you talking about?’ I’m like, ‘the human rights conference on the second floor.’ They were like, ‘the anti-Islam conference?’ That’s what they’re calling it now.

And another woman expressed surprise that Geller, who has asked to hear from more Muslim voices on human rights issues, was denying Muslims access to her event. “I watched an interview with her [...] and she said, ‘Where are the Muslims?’ Well, we’re here!”

Watch it (police arrive to escort the women off the Hyatt premises at 3:58):

 and also see: Fear, Inc. The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America at center For American Progress

Meanwhile as the Islamophobes spread fear and hatred against Islam and the bogus Islamification of America the Christian extremists of the Religious Right get official approval for their National Day of Prayer. Surely those on the Religious Right éThe Dominionists who want America to be established officially as a Christian Nation are more of a threat to America `s founding principle of the Separation of Church and State.

a href=
Church-State Watchdog Group Says Annual Event Promotes Religious Right Agenda

May 2, 2012

The National Day of Prayer is just another attempt by the Religious Right to
mix government with religion, says Americans United for Separation of Church
and State.

The congressionally mandated National Day of Prayer, scheduled for May 3,
has been largely hijacked by the Religious Right and is being used as an
opportunity to promote a far-right religious-political agenda.

“This is really as much about politics as it is prayer, especially in an
election year,” said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans
United. “Americans don’t need to be told when or whether to pray, so this is
yet another excuse for those who oppose church-state separation to go on the

The National Day of Prayer (NDP) was created by Congress in 1952. Federal
law requires the president to issue a proclamation calling on people to
pray. Originally a floating observance, the NDP was mandated as the first
Thursday in May by Congress in 1988 at the request of Religious Right groups
that use the occasion to promote their theocratic agenda.
[6]Read the rest of this press release at »

The Religious Right still attacking Gay marriage and any politician who will not condemn such marriages.
Barber: 'God Will Not Be Mocked' by Gay Marriage by Kyle Mantyla at RightWing PFAW, 05/03/2012

On today's episode of Liberty Counsel's "Faith and Freedom" radio program, Matt Barber and Shawn Akers discussed the rise in out-of-wedlock births, which they blamed on the fact that "counterfeit marriage" is undermining the value of marriage as an institution.

The discussion prompted Barber to declare that it was absurd to even use the term "marriage" when talking about this issue, because same-sex marriage is really just "mock marriage ... and God will not be mocked," which is why God is turning his face away from this nation:

Evangelical Dominionists Seven Mountains Prophecy leader Lou Engle of The Call tells how prayer and fasting halted the Homosexual Agenda in California.

Engle Tells Robertson that Prayer Defeated the 'Homosexual Agenda' in California by Brian Tashman Rightwing, 05/03/2012

Like his fellow Proposition 8 supporters Che Ahn and Jim Garlow, Lou Engle maintains that their prayers led to the reversal of marriage equality in California in 2008 and a “sovereign appointment” with former San Francisco mayor (and current Lt. Gov.) Gavin Newsom “to call him to accountability to what he was going to do in that city concerning the homosexual agenda.” While speaking today with Pat Robertson on the 700 Club to publicize the upcoming The Call: Virginia, which Robertson has endorsed, Engle said his September, 2010 prayer rally in Sacramento “removed” the state’s governor from office. However, then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger had already made the decision not to run for re-election in November, 2009, and Democrat Jerry Brown won the gubernatorial race later that year.


Hailing Gay Spokesman's Resignation, Religious Right Keeps up the Pressure on Romney by Brian Tashman at Rightwing Watch at PFAW 05/03/2012

Following the resignation of openly gay Romney campaign foreign policy spokesman Richard Grenell, who was roundly criticized by conservative activists for his sexual orientation, the Romney campaign has tried to spin the issue by saying that his resignation had nothing to do with him being gay. However, the campaign told him to keep quiet on a major foreign policy call with reporters and never defended him from the attacks. When Grenell announced his resignation he noted, “My ability to speak clearly and forcefully on the issues has been greatly diminished by the hyper-partisan discussion of personal issues that sometimes comes from a presidential campaign.”

As one Republican adviser told the New York Times that while campaign staffers didn’t see Grenell’s sexual orientation as an issue, “they didn’t want to confront the religious right.”

After Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association called Grenell’s resignation a “huge win” for the Religious Right, he later wrote that since Romney is partial to “political convenience” over “political conviction,” conservatives must keep up the pressure on him “since the governor has demonstrated in the Grenell affair that he is maneuverable”:

So Romney went the full Etch-A-Sketch on us twice. He campaigned in the primary as a champion of natural marriage. Then as soon as he locked up the nomination, he shook the tablet clean and hired a same-sex marriage zealot as his spokesman. Then when the windsock shifted directions again, he shook the tablet once more and all traces of Richard Grenell disappeared. If the governor is not careful, he's going to sprain his wrist one of these days shaking that thing.

Gov. Romney is a politician rather than a statesman. While he will not do the right thing out of political conviction, he will do the right thing out of political convenience. This represents both a great challenge and a great opportunity for the pro-family community, since the governor has demonstrated in the Grenell affair that he is maneuverable.

The Grenell resignation represents a huge win for the forces defending the family in America, since it will be a long time before the governor appoints another homosexual activist to a prominent position in his campaign.

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