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Rachell Maddow : Same -Sex Marriage & Romney Bullying Gays

Mitt thinks assaulting gays is just a matter of fun and hijinks???

Mitt Gets Worse video via
If people are not outraged consider if this were Romney and his thugs assaulting a Black or Hispanic American or an Evangelical Christian or someone because they are Jewish ???
Jumping someone and then pinning them down and cutting their hair is assault and not just a funny story. Romney was lucky he wasn't arrested and charged for such a cruel unwarranted attack.

Yes, Mitt gets worse Romney's chuckling non-apology for his prep school bullying shows his entitlement and lack of empathy
BY JOAN WALSH at Salon,May 11,2012

The right wing is now trying to accuse Washington Post reporter Jason Horowitz of an oppo-research operation, but his meticulously reported and well-sourced story of Romney’s prep-school bullying, including two cases involving gay classmates, won’t be destroyed by the noise machine.

What’s giving the story legs isn’t merely the homophobic hair-cutting episode, which a lawyer friend of Romney’s termed “assault and battery,” not “hijinks.” It’s Romney’s callous reaction. His campaign first tried to shrug off the story with an insincere non-apology, but when the details of Horowitz’s tale got people’s attention – the “terrified” classmate John Lauber “with tears in his eyes” as Romney chopped off his hair with a scissor; the callow preppie leading a sight-impaired teacher into a set of closed doors – the candidate made his own statement. And what a statement it was.

After Fox’s Brian Kilmeade shared the Lauber story, Romney actually chuckled, and said:

You know, I don’t, I don’t remember that incident. I’ll tell you, I certainly don’t believe that I or – I can’t speak for others – thought the fellow was homosexual. That was the furthest thing from our minds in the 1960s.

You really have to listen to it to hear that the callow preppie hasn’t changed much in 50 years. As I noted yesterday, it’s rather brazen to say he doesn’t “remember that incident,” but to immediately volunteer that he didn’t think “the fellow was homosexual.” How could Lauber’s being gay have anything to do with an incident he says he doesn’t remember?

The other way his answer hurts him is that it seems to have riled up the friends who told Horowitz the story. After 50 years, they all confessed that the incident made them feel guilty, but Romney says he doesn’t remember it?

Rachell Maddow Romney's (Anti-)Gayest Week

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The neo-Conservative and uberconservative and neo-liberal vision is to sell off all public lands and assets to make these assets more profitable. It will also allow those who are in power to once they are out of office to make money themselves off of these assets. So these opportunists would sell off Yellow Stone Park and the Grand Canyon and allow private owners to do what they wish in order to make money. So Casinos hotels etc. could be built right beside or even in the Grand Canyon or beside Old Faithful.

Rachel Maddow: The plundering of Pontiac, Michigan
Emergency city manager sells off stadium and then goes into business with the person who bought the stadium for half a million that is at a reduction in price of 99%. A real steal American political corruption at its worst or best???

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