Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Another blow to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of association as duplicitous President Obama signs another pro-secrecy, pro-police state law.

But we shouldn't be surprised since day one Obama has been expanding the powers of the presidency from Indefinite detention to targeted assassinations , renditions, martial law and threatening any nation or group of nations which attempts to hold US officials in the former Bush administration or those who are part of Obama's administration accountable for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.

As Chris Hedges has pointed out that the nation wide crackdown on the Occupy movement was orchestrated from Washington.
President Obama is not on the side of the Occupy movement except when he thinks he needs their votes.
Besides the Obama Regime was not in favor of the pro-reform pr-democracy uprisings in the Middle East aka The Arab Spring until it became just too embarrassing as he and others on Team Obama were defending brutal regimes . But Obama and CO. have continued to defend the brutal crackdown on protesters in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and any other nation seen as somehow vital to America's national security.

It appears Obama is just another slick opportunistic politician.

Liberals and progressives and others of good will should put Obama on notice that he will not get their votes or endorsement unless he changes the direction of his policies. For instance end the moronic war on terrorism and stop the expansion of the American Empire and stop shielding criminals on Wall Street ,and those in the federal or state governments, stop aligning with the draconian municipalities and their police forces across the USA; stop the war on immigration, stop the war on drugs and so forth.

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