Saturday, May 19, 2012

#OWS Quebec's Maple Spring Rejecting Neo-liberal Austerity Programs

May 12, 2012 by TheRealNews May 1st in Montreal was a display of how the student strike is part of Quebec's larger struggle against neo-liberalism More at

Note how the mainstream media in this case the CBC of Canada portrays the students as unreasonable and extremely violent.
The media is selective in its coverage of the protests. When tens of thousands of protesters march loudly but peacefully the media ignores this and focuses on the few hundred or so including undercover police and agent provocateurs who resort to pointless acts of violence and destruction of property.

We saw all of this in the #OWS protests in the USA where police unnecessarily resorted to violence against peaceful protesters.
Their reasoning and that of the quisling mainstream media is that if a few are violent then all protesters are branded as guilty.
We can not expect the 1% who run the CBC and other media outlets to present a balanced and honest account of these events or of the issues raised by the protesters.

Again we saw the CBC skew its coverage of the protests at the G20 2010 summit protests. What they did then was to repeatedly show the same scenes of a small group of protesters members of the Black Bloc committing acts of violence. By repeating these scenes without giving context the media left viewers with the impression that the whole city of Toronto had become a war zone and that thousands of protesters were committing these acts of violence rather than just the Black Bloc.
We know that previous to the 2010 protests at other protests the Black Bloc had been infiltrated by a number of undercover police and paid agent provocateurs.
The report just released about the 2010 protests documents that some of the individuals arrested after committing violent acts were undercover Toronto Police . The report per usual is just a white wash and cover upofthe unnecessary police violence and other unconstitutional actions such as grabbing cameras, arresting people for filming, arresting members of various Media , corraling or kettleing groups telling them to move back or leave the area though all exits were blocked by police. We saw all of this type of illegal and unconstitutional behavior on the part of the police in New York City, Portland, Oakland, Chicago etc.

Per usual the police chiefs and local government will blame any police brutality and other crimes on a few bad apples in these police forces and ignore those higher up who gave the commands and created an environment in which the police were given the impression that they were free to use brute force and so were unleashed upon their fellow citizens.

Quebec Govt Introduces Emergency Law To Try And Halt Student Protest

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