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Obama's Anti-OWS Entrapment Ohio Bridge Bomb Plot Another FBI Created Domestic Terrorist Plot

Legal definition of "Entrapment"
Definition - Noun
1 : the action or process of entrapping <~ is un-American and has no place in law enforcement ­Tip O'Neill>
2 : the state or condition of being entrapped
: the affirmative defense of having been entrapped by a government agent (as an officer or informant)
see also predispose
Entrapment is available as a defense only when an agent of the state or federal government has provided the encouragement or inducement. This defense is sometimes allowed in administrative proceedings (as for the revocation of a license to practice medicine) as well as criminal proceedings. In order to establish entrapment, the defendant has the burden of proving either that he or she would not have committed the crime but for the undue persuasion or fraud of the government agent, or that the encouragement was such that it created a risk that persons not inclined to commit the crime would commit it, depending on the jurisdiction. When entrapment is pleaded, evidence (as character evidence) regarding the defendant that might otherwise have been excluded is allowed to be admitted.
Kent State killings

The Killings at Kent State was part of Nixon's solution to dissidents who didn't like his widening and intensifying the Vietnam War spreading the war to Laos, Cambodia etc.

 More bombs were dropped by the US during Vietnam war than were dropped during WWII by the allied forces.
 During America's brutal genocidal war in Vietnam some 2 million Vietnamese and some 60,000 US troops were killed and for what? Even now no one knows .

The fall out or unintended consequence of the mass high altitude bombing of Cambodia which caused massive devastation of that nation which caused that nation to then become a failed state . This led to the take over of Cambodia by the insane Insane Pol Potts Khmer Rouge . This led to the Khmer Rouges slaughter of another 2 million or so innocent Cambodian civilians. Like other fanatical groups the Khmer Rouge believed that with their take over and the refashioning of society would be the End of History and the beginning of some bizarre dystopian dream or nightmare .

 The question is will Obama apply the same tactics as Nixon and Agnew to keep the Occupy movement from having a lasting impact. Will this be his solution to those who don't like his widening and intensifying of the phony Global War On Terror and his threats against Iran, Syria, North Korea, China and Russia where will it end in one giant mushroom cloud. If he doesn't the GOP is hoping Mitt Romney as president will . The only question really is whether Obama will bomb Iran or Syria before or after the election. Or maybe he'll take on China since the US is in debt to China for some two trillion dollars and thereby ex-sponge the debt owed. Kent State Massacre - (Find The Cost of Freedom; Vietnam) + Nixon/The fall of Saigon


 Is Obama and the Department of Justice deliberately blocking any further investigations into the Kent State
murders. Kent State protest in 1970.
But what can we expect Obama has refused to investigate or indict all the war criminals who were part of the Bush/Cheney Junta and Obama has continued to add his own war crimes and crimes against humanity to those of the previous Regime.

 If Obama believes in the right to dissent then why would he allow the FBI and Homeland Security to manufacture on a fairly regular bases so called domestic and foreign terrorists attacks on the USA. But then again why does he continue with renditions in order to facilitate torture of terrorist suspects and the use of targeted assassinations , and the use of Drones on innocent people in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen etc.

 If Obama is a liberal or progressive or a centrist Why then does Obama want even broader powers to shut down any one who criticizes his pro-war policies .
 And why o why did Obama bail out Wall Street but not average Americans who have now lost their homes or soon will ??? Why didn't he bail out all those who are burdened by massive student loans???

 And why if he sympathizes with the Occupy movement does he not intervene when police acoss America are using excessive force even against peaceful protesters .

He could at least have made public statements condemning any acts of unwarranted police brutality or is he by his silence tacitly approving of such tactics. Chris Hedges for instance claims that president Obama helped orchestrate the shutting down of dozens of Occupy encampments in various cities across the USA and thereby moving America another giant leap towards a police state.

 Is this part of the FBIs and DOJ and Obama's campaign to undermine the Occupy Movement. This is a clear case like many others entrapment by the FBI . Are these the sort of dirty tricks tactics we can expect more of by the various policing and surveillance agencies such as the FBI, Homeland Security and local police forces .

And is this campaign part of Eric Holder and the Department of Justice strategy to undermine the Occupy movement or other dissident groups in the USA. Are they going to resort to the tactics used by the FBI under the racist demagogue J. Edgar Hoover . Hoover despised Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement and the anti-war movement of the 1960s.

Is this recent attack on dissidents orchestrated from the White House hard to believe otherwise.

 So is Obama and his Wall Street buddies and the GOP he keeps trying to appease also involved. Or is it
just a matter of trashing any who dare question the status Quo of the 1% and their supporters and those they have bought off.


 and here's some revealing details about the FBI informant and his possible motivation.
Or what most news media in USA left out. Fox News for instance wants use this as a means to discredit and demonize the Occupy Movement
Brecksville bomb plot informant

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