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Endless War: NATO Protests & Afghanistan Agreement TYT Cenk Uygur And Update Birther Sheriff Joe Arpaio And Pastor Calls For Killing All The Gays

Another 10 to 12 years in Afghanistan ???

NATO Protests And Afghanistan Agreement TYT Cenk Uygur May 21, 2012

One could argue that Obama will probably win his re-election in part due to the extremist rhetoric coming from the Republican Party and the Religious Right . The question of his re-election becomes a no brainer as the alternative of Mitt Romney and the republicans is scary and dangerous.

And the right wing GOP, uberconservatives and religious right use Eliminationist language concerning the plight of Gays in America. This type of rhetoric is that of proposing genocide of a minority of citizens who are gay (GLBT) . The right has come to believe that the USA is threatened by the conspiracy of Gays and their supporters which the right labels as the "Gay Agenda".

In their world view as it were the "Gay Agenda" is just another part of the "Secular Humanists" conspiracy to destroy America's values and its institutions from marriage to education to government . They believe that the very notion of the Separation of Church and State is a fiction created by " Secular Humanists " . The GOP and religious Right believe that America from its beginnings was meant to be a Christian Nation reflecting Christian values and adhering to the Biblical laws given to the Israelites.

 It is disturbing how these religious right extremists use Jesus to justify their own prejudices and intolerance of anyone who is different. They depict Jesus as a  gun enthusiast and a believer in monopolistic capitalism who has no problem with killing anyone with whom he disagrees. Their Jesus is more like Rambo than Martin Luther King or Gandhi. 

Charles L. Worley, North Carolina Pastor: Put Gays And Lesbians In Electrified Pen To Kill Them Off via Huffpost,May 21, 2012

And now a visit to right wing Loon's news at the Washington Times owned by God's chosen prophet or Son Of God Sun Myung Moon and one of the rightwing conspiracy online news sites World Net Daily :

Looniest Sheriff in USA says : "I'm Not going to call it quits"

And from WND the right wing imagination is over wrought:

UPDATE Sheriff Joe Arpaio Craziest Sheriff in America
Birthers and the right wing in America stokes as Arpaio tries to uncover the Obama/ Manchurian candidate conspiracy


In a major development in his probe of Obama’s eligibility for Arizona’s 2012 presidential ballot, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has dispatched his lead Cold Case Posse investigator and a deputy detective to Hawaii.

The mission to Obama’s purported birthplace comes as the Hawaii Department of Health continues to resist efforts by Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett to verify that the Honolulu agency has a valid birth certificate on file for Obama. ...

Arpaio told WND Friday that the Hawaii Department of Health’s refusal to confirm to Bennett that it has a valid Obama birth certificate on file makes it look like Hawaii officials “are hiding something.”

original article posted at WND: World Net Daily

Cold Case Posse seeks to crack mystery of Obama's birth 50 years ago

Here's a sampling of comments by Arpaio supporters

We will tell our grandchildren one day about a very brave man who stood in the gap and fought for Truth, Justice and the American way, but he won't be in a comic book. He will be in our history books as the honorable Sheriff Joe.

and :

Obama submitted a Presidential Preference Election Candidate Nominaton Paper (ARS 16-242), received by the Arizona secretary of state 2007 dec 13 pm 3:01, that is signed by Obama (who did not use his full name) and notorized by Ray Anderson (commonwealth of Virgina) 30 november 2007

"I am a natural born citizen of the Untied States..."
Subsequently, when asked for proof (a birthcertificate), he initially declined to do so... and each document since made public has been proven (forensically) to be frauds/forgeries.

ITS TIME TO SEE THE MICORFICHE HAWAII SUPPOSEDLY HOLDS... and his college records (if they even exist)

and more revealing of the mindset and prejudices of the right:

The dope smoking, cocain snorting Kenyan in chief is not looked into by the media... instead they go back fifty years to report on the then minor Romney giving a free haircut (to paint him as a bully)... but never gave Obama the same curtesy (especially since he bragged about being a bully in his own book)... the DNC brown nosers in the media could not be more biased hypocrites... they are neither journalists or news people, instead they are no better than Nazi propagandists... socialist, commie dirtbags... bullies... morale rapists... clowns that should be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail.
and from WND Faith section:

and WND "Deal of the Day " advertisement for DVD proving that the Exodus story about Moses and the Israelites can be proven as an historical event by recent archaeology

New DVD explores underwater evidence of Egyptian chariot wheels at WND, May 22, 2012

If you don’t believe the Exodus story of the Red Sea crossing, you are in for a Rood Awakening!

That’s what Hebrew roots teacher Michael Rood offers in an on-location teaching that includes underwater video recordings of what looks like Egyptian chariot wheels and other debris from the biblical miracle.

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