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#OWS Police Brutality Handled the Way it Should Be & Rodney King Beating Racism & The Thin Blue Line

This is one way to deal with out of control police officers.
Another way is by filming video-taping
Citizens can also make a citizen's arrest.

And now an unscheduled rant on Police Brutality , the notion of authority, the public good, the status quo , racism and other bigotry and the Mainstream Media's complicity in aiding and abetting the 1% who are the enemy of the 99% .

#OWS UC Davis Police Brutality
The elites and their supporters show their true colors and what they think of the Freedom of Assembly, the freedom of speech and the freedom to petition in person for a redress of their legitimate grievances.

Occupy Maced: Police pepper spray unarmed youth, tear tents down

But remember there are those of whatever class who believe that the police like the military should never be criticized or question about how they handle protesters or criminal suspects in arresting them or how they treat these criminals once put into police custody.
To second-guess the police we are told is to undermine their authority which in the end comes from the tax-payers that is the people. This is a typical form of twisted logic on the part of those who are members or who support the status quo of the 1%.The police are supposed to be trained so that they do not over-react in tense situations .

Besides accusations of racism in many cases of police brutality when it turns into an investigation or a trial for the actions of police officers the police in genera in the USA in Canada and other countries form their thin blue line in which all cops are expected to be loyal even to cops who are themselves out of control and committing acts of violence or who are on the take.

Once again one can easily see comparisons between police officers police forces and the Mafia and Gangs in which the most important character trait is that of loyalty no matter what. If a cop is violent or on the take no fellow cop is permitted or encouraged to rat him out much like what also happens with the inmates in prisons . Just remember the NY undercover cop Serpico who turned state's evidence and was obliged to go into hiding from those NY finest who wanted to murder him.

The police in general see themselves on a battle field where the rules of a civilized society have been suspended so they do whatever they believe they have to to get respect and to put fear into the average citizen so they won't f**k with the police.
We also see the same attitude played out in the US military in which soldiers with a conscience when witnessing criminal or dishonorable or immoral behavior they are told to keep it to themselves or they are are framed for some act which leads to a dishonorable discharge and/or prison or they just happen to get wounded or killed by so called friendly fire.-that is accidentally on purpose.
Unfortunately Blac Bolc and other violent protesters play into the hands of the police and those who are in power in each city or town or state or nation.

Rodney King Beaten by LA Police
Though the four police officers beating of Rodney King was caught on tape the racist courts and the racist police department managed to get all four police officers found innocent.

Public Execution supported by the police and those in power who represent the 1%
The job of the police they believe is to make fearful those citizens who are disillusioned by our system of justice or our unjust economic system.
The police are to protect those with power, money and/or influence


Uploaded by MyBlackAmerica on Jan 5, 2009
Oscar Grant III, fatally shot by an unidentified BART(Oakland,CA) officer early New Year's Day. Oscar Grant was unarmed, laying face down and shot in the back.

From the beginning of the Occupy Wall Street movement the protesters have had to face Police brutality . Of course police brutality existed in the United States and elsewhere long before #OWS . The big difference these days is the presence of the ubiquitous video phones so there is more chance of catching individual or groups of police officers using excessive force by ganging up on a suspected criminal or unnecessarily using pepper-spray and/or Tasers.

In the video below we have a good deal of footage of a 2007 Immigration March where the police went a little bit crazy.

They pursue protesters who were trying to disperse after the march had taken place . The number of police that appear is breath-taking reminiscent of scenes in various American films where far too many police show up and in a bit of overkill.
If I didn't know better I would think it was staged.

Mavis Saples 991/2-Immigration march 2007-Police Brutality
Uploaded by gothgod on Dec 18, 2011
Immigration March 2007 -Racist anti-Hispanic Mainstream Media ignores police brutality -police beating peaceful protesters.
Police riot beating anyone and everone:
The Police target journalists , men women and children as they try to disperse as requested. Even peaceful bystanders and locals on the sidewalks are targeted.
Mirror by and gord's Cafe December 18, 2011.

One the reasons we might conclude that the police in broad daylight seemed to act as if they had the permission to shoot with rubber bullets or beat up whomever they wanted because the victims were almost all Hispanic/Mexican Americans. Much of the media at the time didn't cover the brutality exhibited by the police used on mostly peaceful demonstrators for a couple of reasons .
The most obvious reason is because of the prevalence of racism in America in this case against Hispanic/Latino/Mexican Americans .
A significant portion of the Mainstream Media and the American public is racist and have a distorted view of all Hispanic-Americans.
The Media represented by the likes of Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage , Bill O'Reilley has been spewing anti-immigrant propaganda for decades .
Legal and undocumented Hispanics, Latinos and Mexican Americans are erroneously characterized by the media and some politicians as being the worst criminals possible raping and pillaging and that they are carriers of diseases such as TB and Leprosy.
Undocumented or so called illegal Latino immigrants in fact do not carry all of these diseases infecting supposedly tens of thousands of legal American Citizens nor do they after entering the USA commit more crimes theft, rape, murder etc. than Legal American citizens.
In fact studies show these illegal-immigrants commit fewer crimes than the average American.

Anyway suffice it to say that the Media and much of the American public are uninterested in police beating up Latino/Hispanic/Mexican Americans because members of the media and the GOP in particular do not see even legal immigrants who originate from the south of the US border as being "Real Americans". Characters such as Hannity and Patrick Buchanan and others continue to fear mongering about what is referred to as the "browning of America"
And it should be noted that these racist also have a cynical view of anyone who is not white or who are not Christian .

In general we know one of the lessons of history is that when there is the belief that a nation is not doing as well as some expected they then find scape-goats to explain the disparity between expectations and the reality.
Various groups have been deemed the Other who are having a negative effect on society whether it today it is illegal/undocumented workers from south of the border or African Americans who are depicted as getting ahead only because of unbalanced irrational Affirmative action programs or over the centuries other groups such as Muslims,Catholics, Jews, Asians, Japanese Americans ,Gypsies/Roma have been erroneously singled out for undermining a Nations strength .

The spectacle we now get is that those who participate in the Occupy Movement are characterized erroneously in similar terms as being lazy, whiners, unclean, druggies, irresponsible socialist and Commies who are UnAmerican or even anti-American and therefore not "Real Americans".

Real Americans are according to the Guardians of Capitalist Christian America Patriotic and support their nation and government and their president no matter what ie My country right or wrong .
So according to this belief system even the people in China should have supported Mao no matter what .
To put it another way if one took this absolutist point of view seriously than the American Colonies would have had no right to rebel against their King and his Parliament in 1776.
And the Iraqis would have not been permitted to rebel against Saddam otherwise they be depicted as unpatriotic

So to criticize the US government or its corrupt political system or to question the influence of Big Money and Wall Street on public policies and legislation is we are told UnAmerican anti-Christian and anti-Capitalism . The religious Right in America promulgate the belief that America is first of all a Christian Nation and was founded or created as it were due to Divine Providence -America was to be the City On The Hill representing the Word of God on Earth. The American nation therefore has a duty to adhere to an economic system that is Capitalism because Capitalism they tell us is 100% approved by God/Jesus and Adam Smith and Holy of Holies " Wall Street USA ".
They also tell us that God had given the Americans from before Independence to go forth and remove the Native Americans from the land which in fact belonged to these White European Christians.Of course there are ongoing debates about which are the true Christians and which are heretics or pagans.

They even now justify that most egregious unholy institution of slavery. They say the Bible and therefore God approves of slavery . There are those in the GOP and those Presidential Hopefuls of the Republican party and those on the Religious Right who at times seem to suggest that the Civil War and ending Slavery in America a century later giving of equal rights to Black Americans and other non-white Americans is where the United States was compromised by UnAmerican fifth columnists, liberals, secular-humanists etc. working for the Soviets or liberal Christians and Jews or whomever to undermine America's sacred way of life which included slavery and later Jim Crow and Racial Segregation .

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