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#Ows Update: Wall Street Thugs Or God's Chosen Saints & MSM & The White House Preparing For War With Iran & Chris Hedges & The Obligation of Dissent

Chris Hedges & OWS

Hedges: MSM Feeds Masses 'Road Kill'

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The Nation Institute's Chris Hedges and author of his most recent book, The World As It Is: Dispatches on the Myth of Human Progress says the world as we know it is coming to an end. And what follows won't be pleasant or easy. But that the revolution must start, in America. Hedges joins the show to explain.

Fox News propaganda outlet for the super-rich the 1% and the GOP.

Fox Host David Asman blames rise in poverty in America on entitlement programs such as food stamps, welfare, subsidized housing which encourage people to not work or look for work . The consumers of these programs are/ or become lazy and content. Conservatives perceive such entitlement programs as "free money" but from a more liberal and progressive point of view this is not seen as free money. Instead the more liberal view sees these entitlement programs in the context of a society's obligation to all of its members. According to the social contract of society people band together for protection and for mutual benefit and part of this contract is that everyone is to be given equal opportunities but not necessarily equal outcomes. Those who do well have an obligation for those members of society who for whatever reason can not provide the necessities of life for themselves or their families .
The arch conservative or libertarian does not view society or a nation as a collective in which there are mutual benefits and obligations instead they see the nation as a collection of rugged self-reliant individuals who have the right to pursue their goals without any interference for other people or government. The libertarian and uber-conservatives see humanity as each at war in competition with everyone else and so these ideologues appeal to a crude form of Social-Darwinism in which the fit are successful and the unfit are not and since they are unfit they should be left to die to encourage the good genes over the bad or weaker genes.

Note Charles Darwin never applied Evolution to human relations in this way. Besides the version of Evolution which Libertarians and others appeal to is a simplistic distortion of Darwinian evolutionary theory. Darwin does not say the strong survive and the weak slowly die out but rather Darwin talks in terms of a group adapting to a changing environment so the notion of the fit is based upon such adaptations.

A turtle for instance survives not because it is fast or stronger than its predators but because it has a tough outer shell which protects it while hares and rabbits are built for speed and do not have a protective covering comparable to turtles but they persist in part because they are fast and other adaptations such as borrowing under ground and the color of their fur and so forth. So it is not the survival of the strongest but of those which have adapted to the given environment those that cannot change when there is major change in their environment have a much less chance at survival.

Fox News Host: Gutting Poverty Programs Actually "Brings Down the Poverty Rate"

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This weekend, Fox News host David Asman tried to argue that the poverty rate actually drops when poverty programs are cut.

And the Mainstream Media including Fox and CNN refuse to take OWS protesters seriously and are in favor of police using excessive force on these protesters.
And why do these conservative commentators need to resort to calling people who protest "hippies" is this just to demean and marginalize anyone who dares criticize the connections between Washington and Wall Street and the super-rich . As far as many of these people are concerned they are doing well and so they have no obligation to feel sorry for or to help out those in dire straights.
Here we see the Ugly American stripped of his Public Relations phony persona in which they pay lip service to helping out the needy, the physically or psychologically or mentally challenged. But its just for show.

From Media Matters:
Which CNN Contributor Enjoys "Watching A Hippie Protester Get Tased"?
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This conservative activist and media personality expressed his approval at watching the violent incident.

Wall Street Frat Mocks Occupy Wall Street-
The super-rich besides dipping into the public trough and taking all they can they then turn around and poke fun at those they have cheated and robbed. Again we see these super-rich people who claim to be our "betters" as they really are stripped of their Media friendly smiley face.
These 21st century robber barons and their children have no concern for the 99% from whom they have cheated and robbed so that they can live the "Good Life".
And if we question them seriously about the disparity they fall back on a form of materialistic Social-Darwinism or to placate their christian fellows and underlings they will claim this is all just part of God's plan that they should be rich and that others should remain poor because of their lack of piety or they are just not one of the chosen. They like their Puritan ancestors at least ideologically or theologically speaking believe in a strict hierarchy in which the chosen the Saints are privileged and if they are chosen then whatever they do doesn't matter because they have already been forgiven for their sins before they were even born. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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Kappa Beta Phi is a "very exclusive Wall Street fraternity of billionaire bankers and private equity and hedge fund predators"* that has a secret black tie dinner and induction ceremony reported on by Bill Moyers and Michael Winship. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks down the report, including the hazing that goes on and how they do skits to mock Occupy Wall Street.


Maddow "OMG I Can't Believe Republicans Are Going To Elect Thurston Howell As Their Nominee!"

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February 01, 2012 MSNBC News

Ginning up for war against Iran

Panetta: Israel May Strike Iran by Spring

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The Washington Post and others have reported that Leon Panetta believes there is a strong likelihood that Israel will strike Iran in April, May, or June. The WSJ is reporting that US officials believe Iran recently gave new freedoms and material aid to five top Al Qaeda operatives who had been under house arrest in the country. US intelligence agencies have now decided that Iran is the number one terror threat that the US faces. Joseph Cirincione, President of Ploughshares Fund discusses.

MSM: Beating Iran War Drum-Fear Mongering Iran as a terrorist threat to USA

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Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said he believes there is a very strong likelihood that Israel is going to strike Iran in a matter of months. When the IAEA released their report on Iran's nuclear program late last year, there was no sign that they are currently working on developing nuclear weapons. Then Panetta just last weekend said he believes Iran could build and set off a nuclear weapon within 2 to 3 years, if they decided to. But when James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence testified before Congress this week and released a report from this country's 16 intelligence agencies assessing threats to the US, he specifically said that they have no evidence that Iran's leadership has decided to pursue a nuclear weapon. So if there's no evidence that they've decided to do it, shouldn't we be reminding people of that?

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