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#OWS # Anonymous Hacks Syrian President's E-Mails & Files Of Oakland Police & Haditha Massacre

Musings of the day:

Is an American citizen or member of the media or of congress who criticizes America's policies in a time of war to be regarded as a traitor as giving aid and comfort to the enemy according to the NDAA why of course.
So America is we are to assume is legally at War as in the 1st and 2nd world war or the war of 1812 or the War of Independence or the Civil War.
So are those encouraging and supporting the Occupy Movement equivalent to the actions of Benedict Arnold and should all be arrested and prosecuted for seditious activities???

Enemies of the United States of America, Winter 2011 - 2012

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Senator Lindsey Graham Explains the National Defense Authorization Act. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor). Publish to the Creative Commons.

as Sam Seder in the video below notes that the US policies on torture and its attacks on the media and the brutal crackdown on occupy Protesters in US cities have all become talking points for the Syrian government to defend itself from allegations of torture and police brutality and general bullying and thugishness.
So America's notorious illegal and immoral policies regarding the treatment of Prisoners of War POWs is now being thrown back in America's face by the brutal dictator of Syria. Basically the US he says no longer has any moral authority over his country or that of the International Community.
The USA is no longer a righteous nation if it ever was one.

Anonymous Hacks Syrian President's Emails

Uploaded by SamSeder on Feb 7, 2012
From the Majority Report, live M-F 11:30am EST and via daily podcast at http://Majority.FM:
Syrian President Bashar Assad's email has been hacked by Anonymous

Update #OWS Occupy Oakland:

Anonymous doxes Oakland officials over OWS crackdown by Trent Nouveau TGdaily.com,Feb. 7,2012

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous have posted the private information of Oakland city officials in response to an ongoing crackdown against OccupyWallStreet (OWS) protestors.

"Since the inception of Occupy Oakland, We have been actively monitoring your behavior, and exposing the identities and sensitive information of Officers of the Oakland Police Department; as they have continued to act in an unprofessional and violent manner. You tear gassed us. You shot us with your weapons. You arrested us. You beat us. You also did this to our friends, and to our families," the group wrote in an online communiqué.

"We watched as you cut budgets, cut our jobs, closed our schools, our parks, and our libraries, while leaving your own salaries alone. The people on this list are supposed to represent the best of what the City of Oakland has to offer. If they are the best, why is there so much trouble within the Police Department, and in the City of Oakland? We are shocked and disgusted by your behavior. Before you commit atrocities against innocent people again, think twice. You should have expected us."

Unsurprisingly, neither the city nor the Oakland Police Department (OPD) has shown any sign of changing its current approach towards OWS protestors, despite concerns from various human rights organizations and civil liberties groups.

Indeed, the OPD is planning to step up its surveillance of the movement by using forensic video enhancement software coded and donated by Cognitech, Inc.

"It is our sincere hope that in donating our forensic video Tri-Suite software to the Oakland Police Department, we are helping to assist the entire community," Cognitech CEO Lenny Rudin said in a statement quoted by the SFChron.

"Pictures tell the truth and when enhancing these videos and photos forensically, unlawful acts will be seen and analyzed clearly and scientifically, no matter who committed them."

However, Occupy Oakland protester Shon Kay says he doesn't believe the forensic tech will deter demonstrators from taking to the streets in the future.

"This kind of thing aids their attempt to portray the movement as criminal, by being able to single out the actions of certain individuals and use that as a way to frame everyone that was there,"
he told the SFChron.

"I wish that some private video analytics firm would give us that equipment so that we could analyze what the OPD is doing... I think we'd find a lot of criminal activity there."

Update Haditha Massacre:

Anonymous has hacked into e-mails dealing with the Haditha Massacre and shows that the government and military are doing all they can to trivialize the case giving out bare minimum sentences or less to the perpatrators and ignoring the involvement of the Pentagon and US military establishment which encourages the killing of civilians in Iraq and elsewhere.

Anonymous talks Haditha, raids Syrian servers by Trent Nouveau, at tgdaily.com, Feb. 6, 2012

Cyber activists linked to Anonymous have posted an e-mail archive related to the deaths of 24 unarmed Iraqi civilians during a 2005 US raid in the Iraqi town of Haditha.

The e-mails were apparently lifted during a hack and extract operation against the law firm of Puckett Faraj, which is representing the Staff Sgt. (Frank Wuterich) accused of leading the group of Marines in Haditha.


It should be noted that Wuterich recently struck a plea deal in which he will not go to prison, but would be demoted to private.

Anyway it is my opinion that Anonymous (as Wikileaks has also done) has done the public a service by hacking and releasing these E-mails and memos to the public.

And here is the link Wuterich is the best US has to offer,Feb. 5, 2012

Reading the hacked E-mails it would seem that prosecution and investigation was botched from the beginning and only continued because of leaks to the press about the Haditha Massacre.

So the later investigation and interrogations followed by a trial is for the most part a Public Relations stunt to appease the media and those who believe American troops and even more so their commanders and the Top Brass should be held accountable for committing War Crimes.
So the defenders of these marines may in fact be right to characterize these trials as scapegoating a few Marines inorder to deflect attention away from military chain of command which has either broken down and needs to be fixed or that these sorts of killings are more often than not burried and or ignored by the Command or worse as some have suggested that the US soldiers are not to worry over killing civilians in order to do their job.
So instead of a real investigation we get a few scapegoats at a typical Show Trial or kangaroo court.

We also learn that all of Haditha had been targeted by US troops and not just a few houses near where a roadside bomb exploded killing a marine.

It is evident from the sentences handed down that US troops murdering ,assaulting, raping torturing civilians is regarded as nobody's business except the military's and the military doesn't give a flying f... about civilians .

We also get a glimpse of how little time is spent ensuring that soldiers before going into combat understand the Rules Of Engagement or the laws as presented in the Geneva Conventions etc. according to testimany from the trial 45 minutes are spent on the ROE so such rules or international laws are seen as merely trivial nonsense. As Condi Rice said all such laws and rules can now be considered "quaint'.

From leaked E-Mail about the trials the observer writes:
"To show how convoluted the ROE’s are I will attempt to recap the testimony that major Navin gave 1/13/12: Major Navin gave a 45 minute class on the ROE’s to 3/1 prior to their Sept 05 deployment. An Attorney at MEF created the ROE slide. Major Navin I think is a SJA, Staff judge advocate. The 45 min class consisted of 16 slide scenarios, which she only went over a few scenarios. The jist of this is lawyers wrote ROE’s and you can’t have lawyers write ROE’s. Basically what I got was it’s up to Marines to make a determination of amount of force to be used, up to and including deadly force. The rest is just dribble and this is what our Marines are faced with! ."

And we see how those defending the troops sympathize with these soldiers brought to trial as the real victims and not the murdered civilians in Haitha.

And we get a glimpse at how NCIS conducts intense interrogation sessions involving American troops during which soldiers may have been forced under duress to sign false confessions and statements. Now these soldiers know how tens of thousands of Iraqi and Afghanis felt about bunder going so called intense or enhanced interrogations by US personnel.

"Hold up a minute Sully boy, witness after witness testified in court during the Wuterich trial that they signed false confessions to NCIS. The confessions were false and singed under duress, I believe NCIS threatened one witness with deportation, while not letting others use the restroom for HOURS. Tatum testified that he signed the prepared statement just to get out of the basement of the Haditha Dam (location of interrogations, oops meant “intense questioning”) after approx 16 hours. Tatum admitted he signed statement but statement was false. "

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