Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mainstream Media Forced to Take Ron Paul Seriously :CNN: Santorum a conspiracy theorist?

If Ron Paul wasn't such a staunch libertarian his foreign policy could be appealing to Americans across the board.
For some Americans they have already decided to embrace Ron Paul's anti-war anti-military interventionism though they may not care for some of his other policies.
The problem with the other Republican presidential wannabe is that all of them are in favor of the same old same old American foreign policy of gun boat diplomacy and secretly engineered Coup d'etats while supporting various friendly fascistic or authoritarian style dictatorships or monarchies crushing any and all forms of democracy when it is not in America's interests.

Being rather cynical when it comes to foreign policies and the treatment of POWs or the use of Drones to massacre innocent civilians the Republican candidates are in agreement with President Obama that the more wars the better while treating the whole world as potentially hostile to the USA.
President Obama like these GOP nutjobs sees the United Nations or the Red Cross , or the International Court or the International Atomic Energy and other NGOs committed to human rights as all being in cohoots to undermine America's influence, power and status.
And like all other Presidents before him Obama has been far too pro-Israel than he should be . Though the Republicans and the Religious Right and the Israelis may criticize Obama as not being more of a booster for Israel . This might be true to some extent because the GOP and the religious Right believe America must support Israel no matter what it does.
Anyway none of theses candidates or President Obama can in any way be construed as being anti-war except for Ron Paul.

President Obama may in fact start committing himself to substantive actions at least in his speeches in order to once again con progressives and liberals into voting for him come November .

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