Thursday, February 16, 2012

#OWS Words of Wisdom From Native American Elders and Israel Aligns With Republican Party And Finance Attack Ads On Ron Paul

For #OWS things to consider- no one can own the land -it is a gift to all humankind not just the 1% or the rich and powerful

Words of wisdom from Native American Elders

For #OWS take strength and vision from our ancestors who once were the Keepers of The Land.
In their dreams they perform the Ghost Dance
the dream comes from deep within
it comes from the earth and the sky
time to revive the Ghost Dance
to stop those who are demon possessed
from destroying what's left
they sell the land they can never own
it belongs to us all
we are the keepers of the land
their hearts are turned to stone
their souls no longer soar
even filled they still want more
They have no shame no honor
They have become in life hungry ghosts
devouring the land
drinking lakes and rivers
never to be satisfied
never knowing peace
sleeping without dreams
and those who dream they envy
and mock and would destroy
pity them not
for they do not pity you-

Ghost Dance by Robbie Robertson

Uploaded by JimTheUmp on Nov 27, 2006
Historic still images and video accompanied by the song Ghost Dance by Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble from their recording Music for the Native Americans.

Israel against Ron Paul Ad-
  The most hated video on You Tube

Uberconservative Religious Right activist Garry Bauer has been co-opted by  the Israeli Superback in its attack on Republican candidate Ron Paul.
Bauer is part of what used to be the far right which has now gone mainstream in the Republican party. Bauer is associated with the Christian Reconstructionists movement which believes America should return to its Christian origins and become a nation ruled by God's Law.
Reconstructionism is based upon a literal reading of the Bible and are in favor of establishing God's Law as it is detailed in the Old Testament . The Reconstructionist reject all of the more liberal non-literalist reading of the Bible.
If republicans wanted to refute any move towards a Christian Theocracy they would do the opposite of whatever Bauer said.
They would then defend Ron Paul's stated foreign and domestic policies.
But since the Republican Party has been taken over by the Religious Right and uberconservatives the Republican are playing to their extremist religious and political base. The rhetoric they use would suggest they want to return to the ideology and theology of 17th century Puritanism.

and now an ad by Ron Paul supporters:

Max Blumenthall argues that Israel is in this US election cycle going much further than ever in trying to influence the outcome of the 2012 Presidential election.
At RT Max Blumenthal explains why the Israelis have decided to create a superpac to align itself specifically with the Republican party whereas previously Israel has depended upon bi-partisan support in the US..
So far the superpac ads are aimed at attacking Ron Paul because he is against US interventionism in foreign countries and would reject America's special relationship with Israel.
So Israel a foreign nation is involving itself very deliberately and specifically in American political Domestic affairs.
So if other foreign nations take similar actions will they also be welcomed.
So China or India or Russia or even Canada could set up a Superpac in the United States to influence the outcome of the next American presidential election.

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