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UPDATE: Bahrain Pro-reform Movement Abandoned by President Obama and other Western Leaders

 I dedicate this Song for the brave citizens of the pro-reform Movement in Bahrain and elsewhere who have been forgotten and abandoned
How Kings and presidents respond to the peoples calls for JUSTICE
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 Intervention Arcade Fire
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Video for Arcade Fire's "Intervention" cut to Sergei Eisensteins iconic 1925 film, "Battleship Potemkin"

The hero of bahrain break out Pearl Roundabout in sep 3 2011 !!

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The hero of bahrain break out Pearl Roundabout in sep 3 2011 !!

the hero Mohamed alhayki break out the pearl roundabout which surrounded by National Guard. he was holding the flag of Bahrain entered the ground and then was arrested by National Guard troops, the army and h(w)as beaten.

Bahrain Uprising still ignored by the Western leaders and its quisling Mainstream Media.
Even though the protesters in Bahrain have been mostly non-violent still the US and the West out of their own self-interests are reluctant to help out these protesters.

President Obama and his administration still supports the rulers in Bahrain and those in Saudi Arabia who support the government in Bahrain.
The Saudis months ago sent in their own troops to help the Bahraini government to crackdown on these protesters.
The West erroneously contends that the uprising in Bahrain is really driven by the Iranian government and its secret agents.They characterize the situation in Bahrain as a sectarian fight with the rise of Jihadist Shi Bahrainis againstthe Sunni controlled government . This is not the case but still President Obama and his administration are sticking to this narrative even though it is a fabrication so they can weasel out of doing anything that might upset the governments in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Bahrain- peaceful protests in dair village , 5-9-2011

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Peaceful protests in solidarity with the doctors arrested in dair village

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