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Suday Sermon on Hate, Intolerance and Bigotry of Professional Islamophobes

Note: Images and language though distasteful are being used for " Educational Purposes"

One of the ways used by Islamophobes to convince the public at large in this case especially in Europe that the "Stealth Jihadists" are having large families that is having more babies compared to other non-Muslim Europeans in order to eventually at the least even things up demographically with non-Muslim Europeans.

Writers such as Bat Ye'or  (Eurabia ), Melanie Phillips (Londonistan ) and politicians such as Geert Wilders and the racist white supremacists of the  EDL(English Defense League) and BNP (British Nationalist Party)  others have been fear mongering about this coming apocalyptic moment (in their view) when Muslim and Arab Europeans will be equal or surpass in number white Christian Europeans. Many of those who buy into this propaganda believe Europe must stop anymore Muslims or Arabs etc. from immigrating to Europe .They have already started a campaign to marginalize all Muslims by passing laws regarding clothing ie the Hijab (head scarf ) and the Burka (full body viel) and stopping the building of Islamic Mosques and Minarets or passing laws to stop the "Call to Prayer" .

Of course we have heard similar hysteria over immigration of non-Christians and non-Whites in the more recent history of Europe and Great Britain for instance Enoch  Powell 's River of Blood Speech in which he called for the expulsion of all non-whites from Great Britain and continental Europe. see my posts DECEMBER 06, 2009 Enoch Powell, William Pierce Nick Griffin BNP to Geert Wilders American Anti-Muslim Racists

BNP's pro-labor organization Solidarity (borrows its title & banner from the Polish labor union Solidarity)

Above Photo of Racist anti-Muslim Geert Wilders and BNP: British National Party Leader Nick Griffin (former Neo-Nazi and anti-Semite)-both fear Muslims arguing that all Muslims are potential violent Jihadists or are part of a "Stealth Jihad" to make Britain Europe and the United States into Islamic nations -they therefore want to restrict immigration especially of Muslims to Europe and Britain. They also insist on a ban or moratorium on building new Mosques, Minarets and Madrassas (Islamic schools)and expel all Muslims who refuse to take a special loyalty oath or refuse to agree to a ban on Sharia (Muslim or Qu'ranic law).

and  from my post Dec. 4, 2009.
The over heated incendiary rhetoric and the use of distasteful images portraying all Muslims as evil and even President Obama to be on the side of the imaginary "Stealth Jihadist Conspiracy amount to Hate Speech -as is often pointed out would this sort of imagery and language be acceptable if these were portrayals of some other group such as Jews or Blacks or Mormons or Native Americans. No they would not and in some countries the uses of such Hate Speech that is language or images would be considered a Hate Crime.  

DECEMBER 04, 2009

Islamophobes Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, David Horowitz tend to support the Birther movement and also claim Obama to be  a secret Muslim or at least in cahoots with the "Islamic Stealth Jihad" to impose Sharia Law on all Americans.

This piece of anti-Obama anti-Islam propaganda comes from Pam Geller's site Atlas-Shrugs -she promotes the conspiracy theory that Obama is not an American citizen and is a "Secret Muslim" who sympathizes with the Muslim Terrorists.
"No compulsion in Religion"-Quran
Racist Xenophobic Nativist ENOCH POWELL -RIVERS OF BLOOD-Looking Forward to Race Wars in Britain
Powell's racist anti-multiculturalism beliefs are now part of The British National Party

Anti-Immigrant activists in the US have also used this ridiculous racist bigoted argument
The world has changed over the past hundred years no longer do people go just to neighboring countries as refugees or seeking a job people in general are wary or suspicious or even fear new immigrants especially if they are of a different ethnic background or their religion or traditions their language , their clothes)
Muslim Demographics (Eurabia )

friendofmuslim — 2009-03-30 — Islam will overwhelm Christendom unless C

 Islamophobia Today notes that Fox News Faux Expert misrepresents report on Islamophobia.

Fox Invites Anti-Muslim “Expert” To Lash Out Against Islamophobia Report Islamophobia Sept. 1/ August 31, 2011

Last week, the Center for American Progress published a report detailing the network of anti-Muslim “experts” who relentlessly promote Islamophobia in America, as well as the sources of their funding. One of those featured in the report, Steve Emerson, appeared on the August 30 edition of Fox Business’Follow the Money to misrepresent the report and attack CAP in an attempt to discredit the report’s claims.

Emerson said on Fox that he felt “somewhat complimented because they’re attributing to me and four other people the ability to control the minds of 300 million Americans for 15 years.” In fact, the report features a dozen “main players who conjure up and spread misinformation about American Muslims and Islam,” as well as seven major financial contributors and an echo chamber that includes the religious right, the media, politicians, and grassroots organizations.

...Emerson also falsely suggested that the report somehow denies that Islam is used as a justification for terrorist acts:

What’s interesting here is that when it comes to looking at Islamic terrorist attacks, what they deny and what they claim is racist is the assertion that Islamic terrorism is motivated by Islamic extremist clerics, mosques, statements –

In reality, the report states:

Around the world, there are people killing people in the name of Islam, with which most Muslims disagree. Indeed, in most cases of radicalized neighbors, family members, or friends, the Muslim American community is as baffled, disturbed, and surprised by their appearance as the general public. Treating Muslim American citizens and neighbors as part of the problem, rather than part of the solution, is not only offensive to America’s core values, it is utterly ineffective in combating terrorism and violent extremism.

During his Fox appearance, Emerson also offered this bizarre comparison: “This reminds me of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion or, you know, it reminds me of someone who attacked the Southern Poverty Law Center because they attacked the Ku Klux Klan. Right? I’m the messenger.”

Emerson later said:

They believe that the only reason there exists suspicion against Islam — popular suspicion, and it’s not a majority, it’s a minority — is because of people like me who are orchestrating it like, you know, the Wizard of Oz. The bottom line is it comes from so many rampant sources — if you go on YouTube, on the Internet. Most of the Islamic organizations in the United States, they’re run by the Muslim Brotherhood or they were created by the Muslim Brotherhood, a group that believes in imposing Islam and the sharia around the world. We’re coming out with a documentary –

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